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Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Necessary And What Are The Risks?

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of some of the breast’s tissue and pores and skin in order to reduce the size of the breast and shape it. It is a simple procedure in which a surgeon makes a cut, removes extra tissue as well as pores and skin, and closes the cut with stitches. After the surgical procedure, the nipple and areola may need to be removed and repositioned. Liposuction is used in conjunction with the surgical procedure if many of the breasts are made up of fatty tissue. Normal anesthesia is typically used, and the surgical procedure lasts three to four hours.

Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Necessary And What Are The Risks?
Breast Reduction Surgery


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Breast reduction surgery is typically performed to change the size, weight, firmness, and shape of the breasts. Here are a few of the reasons why many women have this surgical procedure:

  • Back pain is commonly caused by large, heavy breasts. They are also known to cause neck pain. This frequently leads to problems with posture. Many people undergo this surgical procedure in order to feel more at ease.
  • Some women have this surgical procedure done to improve their appearance. When your breasts grow out of proportion to your height and weight, it causes a lot of self-consciousness and makes you feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable.

The results of a breast reduction surgical procedure are usually permanent. The only reasons they may gain weight again are pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss.


The following are some of the most common risks associated with this surgical procedure:

  • Scars: This type of surgical procedure requires an incision in the breasts and will undoubtedly result in a scar. However, the severity of the scar is determined by the type of incision and varies from person to person. These scars appear crimson and swollen at first, but they usually fade over time. These scars are still visible in some ladies.
  • Many times, erratically positioned nipples or breasts do not turn out to be the same size or shape.
  • Another potential hazard is loss of feeling in the breasts or nipples. This condition is usually short-lived, but it can last for several months. For some women, it may last for a long time and appear to be almost permanent.
  • Another major risk of this surgical procedure is the inability to breastfeed. Some women may be able to continue breastfeeding after undergoing surgery, depending on the type of procedure.
  • Other, less common risks include damage to the blood supply, which significantly delays the therapeutic course. During a surgical procedure, there may be excessive bleeding. There may be an infection in the area where the incision is made. Blood clots can form in large veins that run all the way to the heart and lungs.

Many of the hazards are severe, and a few are even life-threatening. Breast reduction surgical procedure, as a result, generally requires cautious consideration, and it’s frequently thought-about solely when it’s medically necessary to reduce backache, pores and skin issues, or other bodily issues caused by heavy breasts, rather than solely to alter appearances.

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