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Why Does My Cat Bite Me First Then Lick Me?

You will usually be confused with the conduct of your cats if you are a cat owner, especially after they provide you with a nip or bite, and afterward, they will lick you straight. This behavior, as it seems, is a sign of affection and never antagonism among cats, which might be rather regular. You are loved by what your kitty companion is trying to tell you. It’s their way to give you a kiss!

Why Does My Cat Bite Me First Then Lick Me?
Cat Bite

Sometimes your cat kisses may look like a bite or a spicy pinnacle that could cause some damage. Keep in mind, don’t get offended by your cat as the poor pussy is confusing. If the feline mate offers a love chew agency, then just be an agency and say No! Your cat will feel it is OK to show affection, but you don’t feel sorry.

The reason to do so is not to harm you, it just kisses you. Usually, one other cat would be kissed. Because the cats have thick fur in their pores and skin is not close to the skin as ours, they should nip more often to show love.

For a cat, it’s a kind of affection, but it’s probably not the best experience to the bit as a pet owner. You will be able to prepare your cat not to chew to stop this kind of behavior. Although it may take a while, persistence, and persistence before you can manage or stop this behavior.

Although most cats enjoy affection, try not to caress them too much, because that could excite them. A carried kitty presents many informative story signs, such as a snub, rubbing, chirping, and a stiff tail that can whisper. Cats that could normally be carried away cannot deal with their feelings, so be ready to give your cat a kiss.

Take a look at their tail as their tail is like their temperature sensor when you approach your cat. Remember, if your tail is pleasure-filled, keep out of touch as you might find yourself with a love chew.

When it’s at a superb temper, approach your cat. Your tail looks calm and your tip transfers gently. On the other hand, their tail flicks back and forth if they are sad. It is always best to avoid contact with them until they return in a better mood.

It’s feasible to live in agreement with your cat. Just try to focus on your temper swinging and, if you’re chewing and licking (kissing), remember that it is their way of claiming you like me so much.

Source by Catherine Jaquet

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