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what is A4 paper size?

A4, B5, A5— oh what a mess. What is A4 paper size important for? These are actually some of the most commonly used paper sizes in the world.  In this article, we’ll be explaining international paper sizes and our favorite notebooks.  In North America, we usually use letter size. However, most countries use paper sizes that fall into one of two Series: the A-Series and the B Series.


Let’s start with the A Series.  The largest size is A0.  To get the next size down, just cut the first size in half.  Now you have A1.  Cut that one in half, and you get A2, and so on and so forth.  Due to the paper’s aspect ratio of one to the square root of two, it’s able to keep the same proportions each time it’s cut in half.  The standard paper size in most countries is A4, which is the closest to our letter size.  It is slightly longer and narrower than Letter size.


The B Series follows the same principles as the A Series: each size has an aspect ratio  of one to the square root of two  and the next size down has half the area of the previous size.  B Series sizes are made to fit in between A Series sizes starting with B0.  However, it gets a little complicated from here.  A sizes are the same everywhere, but this is not the case for B sizes.  In Japan, B sizes are slightly larger than standard international B sizes.  Japanese brands also offer a size called Semi B5 that is similar to standard international B5.  To play it safe, always check the dimensions of the notebook you’re interested in as  B Series sizes can vary.  The all paper size table is at the end of this post.

 What paper size should i use? 

The most commonly used paper sizes for loose leaf paper, notebooks, and notepads go from  B4 to A7.  So what size should you use?  Here are our recommendations for school notes, office notes, journaling, and taking notes  on-the-go.  Students need plenty of space for taking notes, so we would stick with A4-, Letter-, or B5-sized notebooks.  Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks feature high-quality paper and sleek durable covers that will protect  your notes from getting creased or crumpled in your backpack.  The Kokuyo Campus Notebook comes in a pack of five different colored covers so you can  have one for each of your subjects.  Plus, the dotted line rule is great for creating diagrams, graphs, and other figures in your notes.  The best paper size for office note-taking depends on how much writing you do.

The Maruman Mnemosyne Notepad Holder

 The Maruman Mnemosyne Notepad Holder is great for those who have lots of notes and documents to keep track of.  In additional to an A4 notepad, it has pockets for holding A4- or Letter-sized papers.  The compact Rhodia Ice Pad No. 13 is just right for jotting down quick notes and lists.  It’s easy to stash in your bag, briefcase, or suit pocket.  A medium-sized notebook in the A6 to A5 range lets you write out all of your thoughts and can still fit unobtrusively in a drawer to be put away. 

The Rhodia Webnotebook features smooth, high-quality 90 gsm paper that is a dream to write on.  It has an elastic closure and back cover pocket for storing notes and memorabilia.  The refillable Exacompta Journals come in a variety of fun and classic colors.  Each page has a perforated tear-off corner so you can easily flip to the next unused page.  For taking notes on the go, a portable notebook should be small enough to carry easily in  a pocket or bag.  With its beautiful and durable leather cover, the TRAVELER’S COMPANY TRAVELER’S notebook  is the perfect companion.  It holds up to three staple-bound pocket notebooks,

Maruman Notepad & Holder with 5 Pockets Mnemosyne A5 ( HN188FA ) and 1 Refillable Hardcover A5 Grid Notepad (N188A) – Value Set


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