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What does a prostate cancer look like?

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Actually, prostate cancer is just like a hidden killer. It is terrifying because more than 300 men die due to prostate cancer nationwide. So that is a big problem. What’s happening here is that men don’t realize the symptoms of it. The challenge with prostate cancer is that there aren’t a lot of symptoms, and especially there aren’t a lot of symptoms early on in the disease when treatment is effective. Because of that, screening is a real push that neurologists and primary care doctors make to try and catch things early

What does a prostate cancer look like
What does a prostate cancer look like?


Prostate screening test

Screening is so important. We all know that, and so at what age should men start screening? Well, that’s a bit controversial, and it varies on whom you talk to, but the important thing is to start having the conversation with your physician, and it depends on your risk factors. For most men in the general population, it’s around age 55 that you should start having screening, and we continue that to about age 70. We know there are risk factors out there, especially if you have a family history. If you have family members or fathers or brothers that have had prostate cancer screening, you should start as early as 40.

African American prostate cancer risk

In some of those cases, we also know that African-American men are especially impacted by this. We don’t know exactly why the incidence of prostate cancer is higher in African-American men, but it is, and it’s also more aggressive in that population, so we’re trying to be more aggressive with screening in the African-American population to help them with that, asking those men to come in at the age of 40 as well. The guidelines say around age 45 is right for most African-American men, depending on other risk factors, but the important thing is to have the conversation and have an assessment of your risk factors by a primary care doctor or a urologist.

Prostate exam

The screening itself talked us through what it is that they need to be doing, and it is a source of anxiety for a lot of people, the annual prostate exam, but it’s cheap, it’s not invasive. It’s not painful. It’s a quick physical exam in the office with your primary doctor or urologist and a simple, inexpensive blood test, and that is what screening consists of for most men. The blood test really does tell you a lot about what’s going on with prostate cancer and what you are looking at there.

PSA testing for prostate cancer

The blood test was talking about is called the PSA test, and an elevation in the PSA test does not always mean prostate cancer, but it can raise concerns and prompt us to do more testing that can determine if cancer is present. The treatment is basically, some people say, depending on how old they are when they’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, doctors say that it’s slow-growing, or then there’s a part of some men actually have some type of surgery. That’s great. There are various treatment options available, and it really depends on what type of cancer is present and how much the patient’s age is.

There are other health issues for most men. The options are surveillance, so watching the cancer and intervening if it gets more serious, surgery to remove the prostate, which can be done minimally invasively now, or radiation therapy to destroy the cancer cells with radiation. The most important thing here is, of course, to get that screening. Hope you get the answer to the question of What does a prostate cancer look like? Thank you

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