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What age prostate cancer test?

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The best age range for testing for prostate cancer is 55 to 69. That was the target age range that was studied in a large European study. The study showed that PSA can reduce the mortality of prostate cancer. It doesn’t mean that those younger than 55 should or shouldn’t be screened, just means that we don’t have strong evidence in that age group and that age group should probably be really determined more by higher risk features such as ethnicity and family history. There are two important risk groups we should be aware of in the prostate screening topic.

What age of prostate cancer
What age of prostate cancer?

One is a family history

If you have a family history of prostate cancer, your incidence would be increased and to be specific. It’s usually your father’s maternal uncle or brother and the behaviors can be different, so that’s a common question if your father had a particularly high stage doesn’t mean that would happen to the relative, but earlier screening at a younger age is more common.

The African-American race is a higher risk group for prostate cancer

Also in our country, the African-American race is a higher risk group where we generally screen at a younger age more frequently. Generally, the examiner would do a digital exam or a finger exam of the prostate, which could be slightly uncomfortable, but it literally takes about 10 seconds to get the information you need.

Blood testing for prostate cancer

The blood testing is generally done often with a panel of other common tests and comes a few days later, so often there’s a callback period where you have to wait on the test to be one and then again if it’s normal the basic decision is it should be tested again in one or two years. If it’s indeterminate or clearly elevated, then there may be some discussion about when to repeat it and then ultimately make a decision about if a biopsy is needed. It’s not the most common it is slow-growing the symptoms often occur very late and so there’s been an effort for over 20 years to try to detect that better with blood testing. Hope you get the idea about the topic, What age prostate cancer test?.

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