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Warfare Prayers to Dissolve Ovarian Cysts (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Ovarian Cyst is undoubtedly one of the reasons for pelvic discomfort, pain and irritation, infertility menstrual irregularity and irregular hair growth in women of their reproductive age. Polycystic ovary diseases can be caused by hormone imbalance (estrogen excess over progesterone) and may in turn cause the disruption of female hormone while secreting additional androgen that is responsible for hair suitism.

When a cyst has been ruptured, it’s usually full of serosanguinous fluid hairs, tooth and other substances. Ovarian cysts have revealed the existence of spirits at the root of the swelling in audio scans.

The doctor isn’t aware or understand the cause of this, since it is beyond his expertise of expertise, coaching, and coaching. This is the premise behind these prayers to shrink the cysts naturally and miraculously. It is dissolved naturally through proteolytic enzymes such as nattokinase or serrapeptase. Spiritually, we deal with this issue through praying prayers for war that are aggressive, which are the primary topic of this discussion.

Resolve to repent of any sexual or other wrongs that could have led to doors to demonic forces and created an open an enemy to walk on the floor. Inquire of God to forgive you and to open the way to your healing as well as the capacity for The Holy Ghost to move through your behalf and push out all the evil forces. Don’t pray with these bullets prayer points and instead pray through them until you see your therapeutic manifestation. Your dream may be the first indication on your non-spiritual radar display to indicate that your treatment is complete. It is possible to go back to run the scan to ensure that everything is right. Here are the Deliverance Prayer aspects:

1. I cut off with my Holy Ghost hearth each sexual demon, familiar spirits witchcraft spirit, marine spirits responsible for the expansion of Ovarian cysts. I cut off the evil force from their root in Jesus Name.
2. I break every recognized or unrecognized demonic covenant or alliance, pact, link initative, or visitation by night-time demons. I denounce and cancel all sexual misconduct, lack of prayer or dream pollution ignorantness which has allowed demons access to torture my sexual organs or glands.

3. I regulate my hormones during intercourse (estrogen testosterone, progesterone and cortisone) in Jesus Name.

4. 4. Holy Ghost hearth I cut off every sign of swelling, ache and pelvic heat, discomfort and nausea in Jesus in Jesus’ Name.

5. I offer dive blessings to my reproductive organs and ovaries and reproductive organs in Jesus Christ’s Name. (Hold your right hand to your pelvis, on the side you’re experiencing pain, when one side is affected).

6. I declare and proclaim God’s peace, relaxation and love for my uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the cervix and beginning canal, in Jesus In His Name.

7. I believe that the anointed word that God is life for me due to the fact that having discovered it and its health to every part of my body (Proverbs 4:120-22).

8. I invoke the cleansing power from the blood of Jesus to cleanse my reproductive organs and ovaries and endocrine glands in Jesus His Name.

9. Let the healing anointing of the Holy Ghost run through the musculature of my body to affect total healing and eradicate every disease, illness and development, or cyst that is within my body in Jesus Christ’s Name.

10. Lord, regulate my menstrual cycle and regulate the range of hormones that affect my anatomical, physiological, and biochemical functions of my ovaries in Jesus In Jesus’ Name.

11. I immunize my bloodstream tissues, cells glands, organs, and programs with Jesus’ blood. Jesus. I declare and decree that illness and affliction will not affect my body any more due to the fact that my body serves as the temple for God the Holy Ghost and never a place for tumors to grow.

12. Lord, restore everything I’ve lost because of the ovarian cysts as well as its manifestations in Jesus Name.

I pray these prayers through my Holy Ghost, in the name of my protector and good doctor, Jesus Christ.

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