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Use only two words to attract all women revealed

I’m going to be your very own personal wing girl. Use only two words to attract all women revealed with experience. It’s my job to give you the no BS honest truth about women what versus what they say. They want I put up new articles every month, so please keep an eye out for my articles and read them and share them. you want with women and when I say  everything, I mean everything now ,heads up some of your moms might get angry at me for teaching you what I’m about to teach you. I’m going to teach you how to unapologetically ask for what you want with women.

You need to be able to lead leaders
attract all women

Two words to attract all women

Now at some point along the way, you misinterpreted the message given to you by your parents, your teachers or other adults in your life that said always be polite to mean that you must never ask for what you want and if you do “oh my god you’re a jerk” or just a downright awful person when the truth is the exact opposite. if you’re not clearly stating what you want ,but rather skirting around it. You’re actually being more impolite plus you’re screwing yourself in the process, and when screwing yourself it means that you’re not screwing women in the good way obviously. So that’s not a win-win for you. But we’re about to change that. because I’m going to show you how to rewire your current programming that says to be polite. Keep your mouth shut and don’t ask a woman for anything by teaching you how to tell women what you want with an exercise called I want. I tried to keep it simple so don’t harp on me for my exercise names if you’ve been reading my articles for a while. What is the number one key thing I stress you need to do in order to attract women. You need to be able to lead leaders tell you what they want they don’t hide it. They don’t cover it up and pretend they want something else. So that you’re gonna feel comfortable. Leaders and men that succeed with women tell it straight. They ask for what they want, and if that woman doesn’t want it, they move on and as I said in the last article, I want you to wipe away what you learned as a child.

Women love decision makers

it is 100% okay to ask for what you want. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re rude or harsh or arrogant or big a-hole.  if you’re reading this article,  you and I already know that you’re not one of those things. what you may be it’s a  passive nice guy who seems to always get passed over by others who you think are  less deserving and I’m sorry for being so blunt, but it’s true .. Women love decision makers .they love leaders and they want to be it with a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. a man that can challenge them and has his own opinion ,not a man that  they can push over one little note. This does not mean refusing to hear what women want and blowing past their wants .the only way to get what you want from a woman is by being direct and asking for what you want. For example I want your number… simple.. I want to take you out next week.. Really easy.. I do not want to be friends I want to be more and obviously you’re gonna finesse these statements.  But at the base this should always be what you are expressing. You were once if you’ve never been one to do this. The I want exercising tool is going to be your new best friend. This will help with women but will also help in all other areas of your life. So here’s how to do it. Here’s the I want I want you to get comfortable with saying what do you want. But first, you have to get comfortable with using the words I want. for many people this phrase can be tough at first. I want you to use the words. I want five times per day. Tell co-workers what you want people at stores your friends everyone and if you don’t know what you want or don’t even have a want. take a breath and think about it and then say it out loud. Say something out loud. I know that right now, this doesn’t seem like anything magical. But it is. In just a few short days of doing this you will notice something shift both in you and and how others view you especially women. no longer will you tell a woman it’s totally fine that you’ve canceled on me for the fourth time and asked to reschedule. I know your dog hates to be alone instead you’ll let her know that she’s missing out on an amazing guy who has countless other options and there’s an expiration date on how long his attention is directed at you. You won’t say this directly, but the way you’ll carry yourself will let her know that without it being said. as soon as you can ask for what you want and not be afraid of it doors that seem closed before are slowly going to open. Your chest is gonna puff up, women will take notice of you and you will be a man that can ask for what he wants without apologizing for it. If you’re interested in discovering the next step to becoming the man with women, then check out my top-rated system how to become a man women want by clicking the link below.  Hope you got what you want through the article “use only two words to attract all women revealed”.

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