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Top 5 Ways to Increase Semen Volume

Here are a few tried-and-true methods for increasing semen volume that I discovered while researching and experimenting.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Semen Volume

Do you need to improve your semen volume?

Most men would love to produce more thicker sperm in order to ejaculate like a porn star.

There are some simple ways to increase sperm production ( semen volume ) in your body.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Semen Volume

1. Ejaculate Less typically

Men who have had more intercourse ejaculate with fewer sperm. This is due to your body producing a large amount of sperm. However, simply refraining from ejaculating for a few days, whether through masturbation or sexual activity, will help you build up your semen reserve. Ideally, a gap of about 3 days should be allowed between two consecutive ejaculations.

2. Eat Right

Your weight loss plan has an impact on all of your body’s secretions, and it’s no different when it comes to sperm. Foods high in proteins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, and others are beneficial to increasing sperm production in your body. Not only that, but you should avoid spicy foods and caffeine.

3. Quit Smoking, Alcohol

Tobacco use can be disastrous to your sexual and reproductive health. Nicotine not only reduces blood flow to the penis, but it also damages sperm and lowers sperm count.

Alcohol, on the other hand, has an effect on the performance of your liver and causes an increase in estrogen levels in your body. This has a negative impact on testosterone production, resulting in decreased sperm quantity. Even two drinks per day can have a negative impact on your sperm quantity.

Hence, it’s a nice concept to stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

4. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Obesity may also have a negative impact on sperm production. This is due to extra fat in your body being converted into estrogen, which has a negative impact on testosterone levels due to a lack of sperm.

So, if you’re obese, it’s time to start exercising to shed those extra pounds.

5. Natural Semen Pills

Natural sperm drugs are most likely the most effective way to increase sperm production. Such medications contain extremely powerful herbs and various vitamins such as amino acids, minerals, and nutritional vitamins that can cause your body to produce a large amount of thicker sperm.

High-quality dietary supplements have been clinically proven to increase sperm production by up to 5 times in just a few weeks.

Not only that, but such sperm drugs also improve blood circulation to the penis. This will be useful for your intercourse drive. Not only that, but it also helps you get rock-hard erections.

Another advantage of such drugs is that they increase the power with which you ejaculate, allowing you to enjoy intense orgasms.

High-quality dietary supplements are completely safe and have no negative side effects.

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