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With the nice and cozy solar beating down on us and the skies blue and bright, spring and summer time are proper around the corner. Now is the right time for barbecues and picnics together with your family members. With many recent fruits and greens ripe and for the taking, summer time always makes for extra delightfully colourful meals. And there are only a few fruits which might be as bright, brilliant, and beautiful as the juicy, delectable tomato!


In my opinion, tomatoes are the right summer time ingredient –– and but you can have them during any season! Not solely does its bright hue make your dish eye popping and interesting, but its candy, fruity style brings color to every bite. Whether you enjoy them recent or processed, tomatoes make an appearance in almost every kitchen. This is an ingredient that’s been around for a very long time –– and is assured to be around rather a lot longer.

The humble tomato (or kamatis, as we call it) has had a huge effect across a number of cuisines around the world –– but simply how a lot do about this ball of deliciousness? Through this article, we hope to present you a bit of background on the ripe and juicy kamatis; its well being advantages; and a number of the best methods to put it to use in your cooking.

But first let’s answer the query that’s plagued many individuals’s minds for years now:

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

This is a classic debate folks have been having for a protracted whereas now. It’s by no means gone as deep as to wreck friendships or relationships (I hope), but it’s definitely a topic of discourse in a number of lecture rooms, and even within the culinary world.

To classify a tomato as a vegetable or fruit, we should first perceive what being a vegetable or a fruit actually means. Let’s put it scientifically:

  • Basically, fruits are the product of flowers and have seeds, which can be used to supply extra vegetation, flowers, and fruits. Examples of those, of course, are berries, apples, and peaches.
  • Vegetables, in the meantime, are different elements of a plant that don’t actually assist with its blooming or replica –– suppose roots, leaves, or stems. This is why once we consider greens, inexperienced is normally the color that involves thoughts. See: cabbage, broccoli, kangkong, and different leafy greens.

Based on these definitions, we can say that tomato is most definitely a fruit contemplating its personal structure. They are born from the beautiful flowers of the plant, each containing seeds that can eventually result in replica. More than simply part of a plant, it’s the actual product! Therefore, by botanical classification, a tomato is a fruit.

However, speaking about substances from a culinary perspective proves a bit bit different. In the kitchen, cooks and nutritionists don’t actually view fruits or greens the way in which botanists do. What do we imply by that? Let’s have a look.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato?
  • By culinary definition, fruits are these with succulent and candy tastes, which you usually see or use in snacks or desserts. Pastries, jams, and these you eat as a standalone usually fall below this category.
  • Vegetables, in the meantime, have a starchier, extra complex layer of style. They are, for probably the most half, the farthest factor from candy, nonetheless, with some even erring on bitter. Vegetables are the substances you usually use in additional savory substances, served as a part of a aspect dish or a standalone major. 

With this definition in thoughts, it’s unsurprising that a variety of substances that we categorised as fruits botanically actually fall below the category of greens once we cook them. Pumpkins, zucchinis, and string beans are simply a number of the examples of those paradoxes. And guess what –– so is the tomato! Nutritionists and cooks alike acknowledge that whereas tomato has fruity roots, it’s, by and giant, used as a vegetable product when cooking.

The “Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?” debate is one which has disturbed so many individuals for therefore a few years, for no matter cause. In truth, a ruling needed to be finished concerning tomato’s classification within the 1893 US Supreme Court; that’s how a lot folks took this critically. In their ruling, the judges agreed that whereas tomatoes met botanical criteria, to the common folks, they have been greens –– and lots of people on the planet now would nonetheless agree.

So to answer the query of whether or not tomatoes are fruits or greens, nicely –– they’re both! But such a matter doesn’t … matter, actually, until you’re coping with some type of import tax difficulty. Regardless of its classification, tomatoes are a fruit (or vegetable) you can enjoy in your diet, anywhere, any time.

Where do tomatoes come from?

The tomato has Latin and South American origins, with many crediting its birthplace as the Andes Mountains of South America. It was delivered to Europe within the sixteenth century, but back then folks noticed it solely as a way of ornament and to not eat. 

Why is that?, you would possibly be asking. Truthfully, tomato’s household historical past isn’t precisely favorable. The tomato we all know and love stems from –– you guessed it –– the tomato plant, whose scientific identify is Solanum lycopersicum. The genus Solanum has housed many a powerhouse of substances, together with bell peppers, eggplants, and the standard potato. It has, nonetheless, close relations to nightshade –– a lethal and toxic plant that many previously regarded with a lot concern. As such, folks have been cautious of tomatoes and merely selected to not eat them if they’d a choice.

However, despite its difficult beginnings, the standard tomato noticed an increase in recognition across Europe. In truth, Italians call this fruit pomodoro, whose literal which means is “golden apple.” This is also why some believe that the primary tomatoes that Europeans ever noticed have been actually yellow, as an alternative of the classic trademark pink.

The tomato discovered its method within the United States during the 1700s. While it grew and was native to the state of Louisiana, it surprisingly didn’t achieve as a lot prominence till the early twentieth century. Now, they’re all across the globe, discovering its method in cuisines across the world –– and the Philippines is not any exception. Our kamatis, ripe, juicy, and scrumptious, is right here, and right here to remain.

Choose your fighter: Tomato edition

History lesson aside, tomatoes come in a number of shapes and sizes. Depending on the place you’re from or what you’re cooking, there are a myriad of variants that might work completely together with your recipes. Here are a number of the most common varieties of tomatoes, as nicely as what they’re best for.

The globe tomato is probably the most common kind of tomato you can discover in any grocery store. Easily recognizable by its spherical –– globelike, of course –– form, these tomatoes are in all probability probably the most accessible and cheap ones you can discover. They’re the all rounders (pun meant) within the kitchen, good in dishes that vary from sandwiches to soups to salads. You can even enjoy them uncooked!

Heirloom tomatoes check with the “purest” of the pure –– people who aren’t hybrids, and as an alternative come from one single genetic line. The heirloom tomato is admired all over the world for its distinctive and distinct style –– zesty and candy all at the identical time, it’s the right bite in a single. Like the opposite tomatoes on this listing, these guys are oh so versatile! But my suggestion? Drizzle your heirloom tomatoes with some olive oil and salt, and you’ll instantly be able to style the difference.

Have you ever seen a tomato that appears like a mini pumpkin? That’s basically what a beefsteak tomato is! Large, agency, and meaty, beefsteak tomatoes actually pack a punch of both measurement and taste. They are the biggest variant of tomato, and the heaviest, too! Beefsteak tomatoes present an intense taste not like any different, and you can enjoy them uncooked. They’re also perfect for burgers or sandwiches, because of their thick consistency.

They say the best issues come in small packages –– anyone who likes these candy treats is certain to agree. Succulent and summery, cherry tomatoes are the best option to add bursts of taste to your meals in small doses! True to its identify, this tomato is barely about an inch in diameter, making it the dimensions of an unusually giant cherry. Not solely are they tiny, but they come in a number of different colours, too –– starting from pink to yellow to purple, even black!

Cherry tomatoes can normally be eaten entire; many like to add them to their skewers, or to roast them on the barbecue to additional spotlight their tangy goodness. Pop them in your mouth for a fast snack, too!

Is Tomato a Fruit?

Thick and meaty, such a tomato unsurprisingly resembles the fruit it will get its identify from, but has its personal distinctive taste! You don’t normally eat such a tomato uncooked. However, its meaty texture and thickness make it nice for cooking or tossing into pastas. Many enjoy skewering and grilling it to bring out its pleasant style, too!

Grape tomatoes aren’t as candy as cherry tomatoes are, but they also come in all kinds of colours and flavors. For occasion, choose a pink one for sweetness, and yellow for a barely tarter really feel.

Fans of Italian delicacies are most definitely aware of this one! Leaning extra into its tart taste profile, roma tomatoes are good in tomato sauces and pastes that we discover within the pasta dishes we all know and love. The roma tomato has a style recent and zingy not like any different. For recipes that require thick sauces or marinades, this tomato is actually the way in which to go.

Looking at this listing, it already looks as if there are such a lot of different varieties of tomatoes to enjoy. But would you believe me if I advised you this didn’t even cover half of the varieties? Whether it’s candy or tangy you’re after, big or small, the tomato actually has one thing for everyone. No marvel it’s as beloved and famend as it’s now.

Jack of all trades: How do you enjoy tomatoes?

With the various sorts of tomatoes come some ways to enjoy them! There’s no incorrect method to make use of tomatoes, and across its centuries value of being used I’m pretty certain folks have tried most, if not all potential methods. Here are simply a number of the mostly loved approaches. 

Stuffing veggies is a well-liked method of having fun with them and making your dish extra distinctive and hearty. Whether it’s morning, midday, or night time, stuffed tomatoes are an ideal, filling combination to any dish. Stuff tomatoes are made by slicing a tomato horizontally and scooping out its insides, changing it together with your most popular substances. The best factor about a stuffed tomato is its versatility; you can stuff these veggies with absolutely anything! Be it cheese, herbs, or different greens, toss them within the oven after for a heavenly bite. 

How to Make Tomato Sauce?

Eat them as a aspect dish or slip them between your burger buns; grilled tomatoes are used and adored around the world, and for good cause! Grilling a tomato solely additional highlights the fruit’s deliciously bright and refreshing flavors. You can even brush them with olive oil or any different seasoning before laying them on the grill to let the tastes steep in even additional.

Marinating tomatoes is without doubt one of the quickest and best methods to enjoy these tiny pink treats. It actually solely takes 10 minutes to prep and combine these beautiful jewels and flip them into one thing absolutely scrumptious. Marinated tomatoes are nice for tossing into pastas, serving over toast, or pouring into salads. Toss your tomatoes in with some cheese, herbs, and pesto, too, for a bite that’s candy and savory all at the identical time.

  • Turn it into pasta sauce.

If you’ve ever been to a child’s birthday social gathering, candy and delicious spaghetti in all probability isn’t a stranger to you. Both children and adults alike can discover comfort within the tacky, meaty goodness of an awesome spaghetti. While others around the world enjoy a meatier, extra balanced taste palate of their pasta, Filipinos do like to fulfill their candy tooth. This is obvious in how decadent and sugary our Pinoy Style Spaghetti is!

But whether or not you’re having it the Pinoy method or the classic Italian method, tomatoes play a big a part of our spaghetti pasta sauce. Here is an easy option to make this glorious sauce from scratch, but you can always discover it useful at a grocery retailer if you’re quick on time. Not solely does it style scrumptious, but the sight of bright pink actually livens up your dinner desk!

Compact, filling, and bursting with tastiness, sandwiches are the right summer time meals to bring to picnics or to enjoy with a pleasant glass of coffee, tea, or juice. And one of many best issues to enjoy as your palaman for sandwiches is a bright and tasty tomato jam! Tomato jam is definitely a bit sweeter than your common tomato sauce, and served atop some good slices of bread it really works wonders. For both children and adults alike that is actually a classic. Not to say it’s pretty easy to make, too! Just be certain to consume it inside every week lest it go bad.

Are you a grilled cheese fan? There’s simply one thing so comforting about biting into golden brown items of toast layered with gooey, tacky goodness. And to dip that into a pleasant bowl of tomato soup? It’s utmost perfection. Grilled cheese is certainly one of my favourite comfort meals, and tomato soup as its companion speaks to my soul. But even with out the sandwich, this soup can nonetheless be a soothing comfort meals by itself! Thick, creamy, and bursting with the pleasant flavors we all know tomato comprises –– what’s to not love?

When to Plant Tomaoes?
  • Want some ketchup with that?

Having french fries or hotdogs at the desk? If so, you’re in all probability trying to squeeze some tomato ketchup on them to enliven the flavors. Ketchup is without doubt one of the hottest condiments on the planet, and the style of the candy tomato makes a tasty addition to almost anything. You can discover ketchup (tomato or banana –– your choose!) lining any grocery retailer condiment aisle, but should you’re feeling adventurous you can attempt to make your own at residence, too! 

Canning tomatoes is actually a really economical and cost-efficient option to save tomatoes in your kitchen! Not solely do you get to protect its tastiness, but you’re also storing and saving the various vitamins that makes tomato the superfruit it’s. Canning tomatoes is definitely rather a lot simpler than it sounds; you can even do it from the comfort of your personal residence. Follow the directions here and make it a enjoyable bonding activity for your loved ones!

Let’s get cookin’: Tomato and tomato-primarily based recipes

Now that you’ve got all these different methods to cook tomatoes, let’s see a few of my easy and tasty recipes that embrace our favourite fruit of the day. Whether it’s the sidekick or the star of the present, the bright and cheery okayamatis will depart its unforgettable mark on these dishes, and your kitchen, too.

Simply put, this dish is chicken in tomato stew. What could go incorrect? The juicy meat of the chicken is easily able to take in tomato’s mouthwatering flavors. It is a superb, hearty meal that may have you ever wanting seconds (then third, then fourths …) with ease. Adding chili peppers can also bring your dish a watch-popping stage of spice. Your rice consumption to accompany this sarciadong manok will definitely result in you having an undoubtedly filling meal! 

If you need one thing a bit more healthy, I like to recommend utilizing tofu as the primary protein for this meal as an alternative. Tofu sarciado brings you all the tomato flavors of sarciadong manok that you just love –– with out the heavy feeling of chicken! Try it right now!

Are Tomatoes Good For You?

They say breakfast is a very powerful meal of the day, which is why it’s best to by no means skip out on it! This Filipino omelette, ready with a heaping bowl of garlic rice, is an effective way to start out your day. And all you want for an awesome omelet are tomato and onion slices!

Obviously an omelet is a really adaptable meal in itself. This is why at resort breakfast buffets you even have omelette stations, which allow you to choose what you’d like inside your scrambled eggs. Some go the hearty route and go for bacon and cheese, whereas others add extra greens like bell peppers. But okayamatis stays a classic and well-liked choice in your native omelette inclusions! You can by no means go incorrect with this Filipino omelet to leap begin your mornings.

I couldn’t make a listing about tomato-primarily based recipes with out together with certainly one of our most beloved tomato stews! Menudo is without doubt one of the final Filipino comfort meals. Tender pork, cooked alongside carrots, potatoes, and pig liver, make for an amazing meal within the morning, midday or night time. Menudo is absolutely scrumptious, and the tomato sauce solely highlights every different ingredient’s unbelievable flavors. It could take fairly some time to make but it’s always definitely worth the wait!

For followers of wealthy and creamy flavors, this Tuscan Salmon makes an awesome and hearty meal! Salmon is another common ingredient in meals, as it’s versatile and can be utilized in a plethora of the way. Pairing this creamy fish with tomato actually brings out its recent flavors, and the creamy garlic sauce solely makes this dish extra fulfilling. Succulent and delicious, you’ll be wanting seconds and extra after only one bite!

What dishes do you prefer to cook kamatis in? Let us know within the feedback below.

Health advantages of the tomato

The amazing factor about kamatis is that they’re regarded as a powerhouse vegetable. Just one tomato is enough to offer you the standard nutritional vitamins and vitamins that you must energy via the day!

An amazing supply of Vitamin C, Okay, and potassium, among others, consuming tomatoes improves both your pores and skin and coronary heart –– preserving you glowing and rising inside and out! Studies present that consuming enough tomatoes even helps stop your body from getting deadly sicknesses like cancer, due to its excessive concentration of lycopene.

For extra on the tomato and its dietary content, learn on here.

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With summer time simply around the corner, a recent and ripe tomato makes for an exquisite deal with in any dish you’re cooking up. Its bright and refreshing style can not go by unnoticed; it actually is without doubt one of the most beloved substances around the world. How are you having tomatoes right now?


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