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The Relationship Between Hair Loss and Male Masturbation

Hair loss in men may become more common as they age. Knowing the relationship between hair loss and male masturbation, you will be able to find the final suspected fact for your hair loss. Masturbation is also very common in males, so naturally, some people have tried to use hair loss and baldness as excuses to avoid what they perceived to be a sinful or unnatural act. However, if logic is applied to the problem, it is difficult to distinguish between masturbation and the traditional sexual act with an associate that ends in ejaculation.

The Relationship Between Hair Loss and Male Masturbation

Both produce a climax and are the result of the release of seminal fluid. On this basis, it is possible to conclude that there is no link between the development of male sample baldness and frequent masturbation. As a result, in more liberal times, when wives’ tales and other ethical warnings have gained prominence, this alleged connection has been widely regarded as false and without foundation.

DHT can accelerate the rate of hair loss

However, during more recent and advanced research into the causes of hair loss, it was discovered that DHT, a byproduct of the male intercourse hormone testosterone, tends to accelerate the rate of hair loss.DHT is an abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone, and because testosterone is linked to sexual abilities, the possibility of a link between frequent sexual pleasure, intercourse resulting in ejaculation, and masturbation has become suspect, and additional research has been conducted to see if there is truth in the age-old belief that frequent male masturbation can result in premature baldness has become suspect.

DHT is not frequently present in significant quantities within the body, but when ejaculation occurs frequently, it appears that some testosterone is converted into DHT. A high level of DHT can cause a variety of issues, one of which is an increase in the size of the prostate gland. However, an additional DHT is discovered close to the roots of hairs, which can affect the growth cycle of hair and result in an earlier shedding of the hair from the follicle.

Reduce the frequency of ejaculation

If this analysis is correct, it may be interesting to learn how to reduce DHT production and accumulation. One method is to reduce the frequency of ejaculation, whether from regular intercourse or masturbation. This may be asking a lot of males who have a strong desire to experience orgasm on a regular basis. Abstinence from ejaculation can result in a variety of painful symptoms, including the so-called “blue balls” sensation of ache and tightness.

Other “habits” may be easier to control. One is to avoid eating crimson meats like pork and beef. DHT production is unaffected by chicken, turkey, or fish. Extra greens, fruits, seeds, and nuts should be included in one’s diet.

Finally, DHT can be removed from the scalp and follicles by using specific hair therapies and shampoos that contain DHT-removing ingredients. Diet and hair therapies can be combined, possibly with a reduction in masturbation, to produce a profitable reduction in hair loss. Hope you find the info about the relationship between hair loss and masturbation. Thank-you

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