Shaktipat Meditation and the 12 Levels of Spiritual Growth


Shaktipat meditation makes use of Divine, dwelling energy to carry teachings from the thoughts of the instructor into the thoughts of the pupil. It’s the quickest path to realization, and it kinds the most extremely advanced instructor/pupil relationships on our planet.

Shaktipat is a sort of delicate energy -that is particles of energy too small for contemporary science to look at or detect. However science can observe the results of delicate energy. The experiments of Clive Backster, the inventor of lie detector machine, demonstrate the results of ideas and delicate energy on crops.

It’s essential that the Shaktipat meditation instructor isn’t solely absolutely realized, but is also completely clean and clear. It’s merely not attainable for any instructor to offer anyone a state of meditation that they do not already have themselves, and realization, or enlightenment, is the objective of Shaktipat instructing. As the Shaktipat energy flows by way of the instructor, it picks up the instructor’s essence. If the instructor is polluted with cravings or suppressed feelings, these detrimental energies will be handed on to the pupil along with the useful instructing. If the instructor full of love, peace and bliss, that’s what the pupil will expertise.

Realization is outlined right here as having skilled all of the twelve ranges of consciousness listed below. These twelve ranges are taken from the writings of the nice Yogi Vivekananda and rewritten right here to render them extra comprehensible to current day readers. The complete writings of Vivekananda are available on the web.

Shaktipat Meditation can leap frog college students by way of these ranges, permitting them to go directly to the increased ranges such as god realization, oneness and vacancy. This is completed by the instructor placing his personal state of meditation directly into the pupil. It is then the pupil’s duty to meditate dedicatedly in that state till it turns into anchored in him. If the pupil fails to do his meditation work, the nice present his instructor has given him will be misplaced rapidly, leaving behind solely a beautiful reminiscence.

These twelve ranges are often skilled by most practitioners. It’s common to be rising in a number of ranges at as soon as. Levels could be skilled in a different order than listed right here. Some practitioners by no means consciously expertise some ranges. Some traditions focus completely on God whereas others ignore God and go into Oneness. There are many variations in opinion about the increased ranges of Samadhi. The ranges are offered right here as a basic information.

1. Understanding the function of our existence. We are Spiritual beings having fun with an earthly expertise, not human beings looking for a Spiritual expertise. You attain this stage once you consciously begin your Spiritual work.

2. Seeing the struggling of others. When you begin seeing previous your individual selfishness to the wants of others, you begin wanting to assist them.

3. Removing the struggling of others. Consciously working to heal and educate others provides you the quickest development.

4. Finding ardour, peace and love. When we work selflessly for others we become very passionate about our observe and work. We also discover peace in ourselves and common Love, love with a capital L.

5. Conversion of detrimental energies to optimistic. Anger, worry, disappointment, detrimental ideas and entities hanging your aura are reworked to Love by the Love emanating from you.

6. Opening the Third Eye. Your psychic skills awaken.

7. Bliss. You expertise limitless pleasure. You become able discover happiness in all circumstances because bliss wells up out of your inside being and isn’t dependent on exterior circumstances.

8. The Source. You expertise your direct connection to the Supreme Being, also known as Allah, Jehova and God the Father.

9. Becoming The Source. You become an inexhaustible supply of energy precisely like God.

10. Oneness. You expertise that our entire universe is one aware, dwelling, clever organism with no division or separation. Everything is one very alive energy discipline.

11.(*12*). Your complete being, all your experiences and creations dissolve completely into blackness. All egoic thoughts constructions disappear. You become able to expertise actuality and create actual constructions.

12. Nirvana or nether being or non being. There is way debate about this state and if anything lies beyond it. It can solely be skilled. It can’t be defined in comprehensible phrases.

Completing these twelve ranges can be in comparison with graduating from a Western college with a Bachelor’s degree that prepares the pupil for put up graduate work. Attaining realization permits individuals to expertise actuality and to begin studying the best way to work in it.

This course of of studying the best way to working in actuality goes on for the the rest of the particular person’s life as they go deeper and deeper into meditation. Once again, Shaktipat meditation instructing from an individual ahead on the path can velocity studying vastly.

Source by Richard Crown

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