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Reiki Treatment for Diabetes

Is Reiki efficient in helping the treatment of Diabetes?


Should Reiki be used to help treatment of Diabetes?

Only if the consumer has Type 2 Diabetes…

This may appear to be an odd statement to make, because if Reiki has been shown to help with Diabetes Type 1, why not use it?

Reiki Treatment for Diabetes
Reiki Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1 is a condition caused by a lack of insulin produced by the pancreas of the patient. This is mostly thought to be incurable and requires the affected person to inject themselves with insulin every day to help with blood sugar breakdown. To avoid peaks and troughs, the patient must keep a close eye on their blood sugar level. We’ve all experienced sugar rushes at some point in our lives, and they’re usually unpleasant. A Type 1 diabetic is prone to these on a regular basis unless they manage their condition properly. A drop in blood sugar caused by eating too little or injecting insulin at the wrong time can be extremely dangerous, resulting in diabetic coma and, in extreme cases, death.

Type 2 Diabetes is a slightly different ball game. The pancreas is in good shape, but the rest of the body is the problem. Because the cells become resistant to insulin absorption, blood sugar cannot be properly processed. In many cases, this can be managed solely through dietary changes. Blood sugar testing is not as important; however, it is still required on a regular basis, even if the diet is under control, to ensure that the occasional piece of chocolate or portion of apple pie does not become too common.

So why should not Reiki treatment be used with Type 1 Diabetics?

Because it may work too well and too quickly. The problem that any health practitioner faces is determining whether or not their patient will follow their instructions after they leave. Every diabetic is aware of the importance of checking their blood sugar levels. However, we are all human, and we all fail to address important issues from time to time. If a diabetic seeks Reiki treatment for his or her condition, the risks are that it will work, insulin production will restart, and they will forget to check their levels before their next injection. The problem here is not that Reiki is harmful; rather, failing to check the blood sugar level is far more dangerous.

As previously stated, coma and death are serious risks if blood sugar levels fall too low. A diabetic’s pancreas is likely to begin producing insulin in large quantities following their Reiki session, which may imply that their subsequent injections will overdose them sooner or later. In this scenario, blood sugar levels will plummet, and the resulting coma could be fatal.

This article may appear to be scaremongering, but this example has occurred in multiple events. It is best practice to refuse to serve customers who have Type 1 Diabetes for the sake of the patients. They could keep a record of how frequently they test their blood. But, as a Reiki Practitioner, can you actually believe them? They are only human, and people make mistakes. No practitioner wants to hear about the death of one of their patients as a result of their treatment work, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Source by Andrew J Cook

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