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Plastic Placemats: All you need to know before buy

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Placemats are a great way to protect your table from spills and stains. They also come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. For a home, a complete set of tableware is not complete without a set of plastic placemats. These are often used for dining or serving purposes. Placemats can be made from different materials such as paper, cloth, and plastic. Plastic placemats are the most common type of placemat that people use in their homes. You’ve seen them. You’ve googled them. But have you bought them? Placemats are a necessary part of your kitchen. They protect your table, they keep dishes from sliding around, and they provide a surface for easy clean up. What about you? Have you shopped for your plastic placemats yet? If not then get to it!

 If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect placemat for your needs, read on! A round shape is best for large tables whereas an oval shape may work better for more intimate settings or people who prefer their food on sticks or plates. Placemats are also available in different materials. Plastic placemats are common because they are durable, easy to wipe clean, and inexpensive. Here are some tips for choosing the best plastic placemat for you!

Plastic placemats

A plastic placemat is a small plate or flat serving mat used to protect your table. Placemats are simple and handy. You can store them in a drawer and use them to eat breakfast on the go. For more durable placemats, you can also invest in a silicone placemat. These are more expensive, but last longer. While paper and cloth are usually not able to withstand the amount of crumbs that people tend to spill in their homes, silicone placemats are more durable and can withstand the intensity of dining activities. Because they are a silicone sheet, they are not abrasive, so you can use them for more than just breakfast.

The benefits of plastic placemats

Plastic placemats have the following benefits: They are affordable They are durable. They are suitable for everyday use. These are some of the benefits of a plastic placemat: Reasonably priced: They are affordable. On average, a table setting with plastic placemats would cost around 30 dollars for each person, excluding beverages and condiments. However, there is a way to make placemats more affordable. If you have a food storage bucket or large wooden box that you don’t use, then you can create a table setting using a plastic placemat. The best part is that it doesn’t even take much time and effort to do so.

Plastic placemats are eco-friendly. When you replace your plastic tableware with plastic placemats, you are not only saving the environment, you are also saving your table from damage. You will never have to worry about them slipping and spilling all over your table. They come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Placemats are often made from recycled materials, so they are not only helping the environment, but also saving money. They come in different colors, patterns, and styles, allowing you to decorate your table in the way you want to. Placemats are easy to store and replace.  The plastic placemats should be the main feature of your setting. Plastic placemats can be the star of your table when paired with your tableware and other items.

Things to consider when buying a placemat

1. Check the material -Paper placemats usually provide a lightweight, flexible surface for the food and drinks. If you are looking for a more sturdy option, you can opt for cloth placemats. Cotton placemats are good for protecting surfaces from stains and smells. When it comes to plastic placemats, it should be breathable as well. It must also be relatively lightweight and thin. The fabric should be easily tearable. Plastic placemats are useful in a kitchen and at a dining table.

Plastic Placemats: All you need to know before buy Fabric placemat
Fabric Placemat

2. Size -Placemats are available in different sizes. You’ll usually find them to be 2”- 3”x3” or ¾”- 1”x1.5”. Most plastic placemats are ideal for small dinner plates and bowls. They are useful for laying over small plates and bowls when not in use.

3 Price– Cheap placemats are definitely not worth the investment. One placemat is usually cheaper than a whole set of matching plates. You might think that they are cheap as well, but they may have a story behind them. The story may be quite sentimental.

How to take care of your placemats

According to research, it is safe to eat food right on the placemats. However, you should clean these often as most of them contain chemicals to keep the table clean.

Table Placemat Wash.

Take a large bowl. Pour a little warm water in the bowl. Scrub the placemats using a clean sponge dipped in the bowl until no more dirt and grime is visible. Set the placemats to soak in the bowl for about an hour. Rinse the bowl well.

Table Placemat Dry.

After soaking the placemats in warm water, use a dry cloth to blot dry the placemats. You can use your towel, but the dry cloth works better. How to choose the right plastic placemat for your table Placemats are available in different materials. One of the common choices of plastic placemats is the laminated material.

Cleaning them up

After using your table for dinner, always clean it up with a dry cloth. While the mat itself will absorb grease and other stains, you want to get the dirt out from the creases on the top. First, clean the top. Wet the mat and place it on the top of your table. Wet it again. By placing the wet one on the top, it will let the dirt and other stains soak out into the cloth, so you can remove it. Once the mat is dry, it is ready to be used again. If you want to keep your table clean and beautiful, you should get a replacement mat once it is dirty. Placemats come in many different sizes. Find the one that will be comfortable to hold and gives you more space for other stuff. Topper Placemats are not the only ones you can use as table toppers.

Protecting them from spills and stains

First things first. Placemats can be easily damaged. Even if they are already made from flexible plastic, if the platter is slippery and the food slips, the placemat will end up damaged. You can protect the placemat from getting damaged using an ordinary tablecloth. Place a tablecloth on the table before setting the platter and serving dishes. Placemats that are made from thick and non-stick material are designed for use in kitchens. Some are even designed to protect a hostess from spills while pouring the wine. Such plastic placemats are designed to protect the food as it falls from the serving platter. Some of them also have a button for safety. It is supposed to be placed on the plate or platter if you need to cut the food on it.

Plastic placemats-advantages and disadvantages

Well, you can choose from a large variety of designs to fit your décor. These are usually made of durable and washable material. Although, not all of them are easy to wipe. These are not only easy to clean but they also come in different sizes and materials that work best for your specific needs. There are many different styles of placemats. Some are black, some are red, some are yellow, some are orange and many more. You can choose a paper placemat or a cloth placemat depending on the rest of your kitchen accessories.

How to buy plastic placemat?

There are many types of plastic placemats. You can find large, medium, small, and standard sizes. The choice depends on the size of your table. Different types of placemats usually come in different patterns.

Which Placemat Is Right For Your Home?

Tableware choices differ greatly from house to house. There are so many different options, you need to really know what your lifestyle is like before making your purchase. If you don’t like to use plastic placemats, then you will need to find an alternative.

Paper Placemats: These placemats are made out of traditional office paper. You can find these almost anywhere you shop for placemats. The problem with paper placemats is that they can end up taking up a lot of space on your table. These paper placemats are usually not ideal for family dinners.


Placemats are made from paper or plastic. They serve a few purposes in the kitchen. Paper placemats are inexpensive, easy to clean, and last longer. Placemats made from cloth are perfect for washing and are less expensive. In contrast, plastic placemats are more durable than paper placemats and offer more room for creativity in placemat design. Plastic placemats are available in all sorts of designs and colors. The best ones are usually made from acrylic which is a more durable material than cotton and can stand the heat of the stove. Placemats can also be made from plexiglass and other materials that make them more fire resistant.

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