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Penis Massage Techniques and Methods for Natural Enlargement

Massages with regular lubricants or specifically formulated penis enlargement lotions and gels are used to increase the size and girth of the penis. A good therapeutic massage strategy can provide even higher results in a short period of time and can also improve the efficiency of the male within the mattress to provide his companion with a mind-blowing experience every time. The good method does not focus solely on increasing the scale, but it casts all-spherical results to improve the overall reproductive system’s functioning.

Penis Massage Techniques and Methods for Natural Enlargement
Penis Massage

Penis is very sensitive

If no specific penis enlargement cream or gel is being used for massaging the penis, it must be ensured that a good quality cream and gel is being used that does not cause any harm to the outer and interior pores and skin of the male intercourse organ. When it comes to sexual organs, males are just as sensitive as females, so care should be taken to test for allergic reactions and skin irritation before using it.

Do not wash your penis immediately after a therapeutic massage, as this could cause severe harm to thin blood vessels and delicate skin. If you must wash it off right away, use lukewarm water and gently wipe it away with a smooth cotton cloth or towel. Massage to the penis improves blood flow as well as the temperature of the area; however, a sudden stream of chilly water can change the temperature, which may hurt the nerves and sensation.

It is important to remember that massaging your penis is one thing, and punishing it is quite another. It is not related to exercises that enlarge your biceps or triceps, so be gentle and avoid overdoing anything, as the injury may be irreversible. Begin by gently rubbing your groin area. Apply a sufficient amount of lubricating agent to it first. Transfer your palms from the bottom of your body to the direction of your testicles.

Don’t worry if you ejaculate too soon

Gently transferring your palms may or may not produce sensations. However, you must start the therapeutic massage in this manner. After that, apply some lubricant to your palms and penis, and cowl the entire girth of it with your index finger and thumb on the base, slowly transferring your hand in the direction of the highest with a bearable grip. Slowly and gently repeat this movement at least 20-30 times.

Transfer the ring of your finger and thumb in a round movement clockwise and anti-clockwise when your palms are on the tip of the organ to increase its girth. Manage your ejaculation if you are aroused and get an erection. If you are able to do so, you will be able to improve the outcomes of therapeutic massage.

While therapeutically massaging your penis, you may need to take a break to regulate your ejaculation. It will teach you how to manage your climax during sexual exercise so that you can spend more time on the mattress. Aside from that, continued erection and hand motion increase testosterone activity in the body and increase blood flow to the genitals, resulting in increased size and firmer erections. Don’t worry if you ejaculate too soon; just keep going with your therapeutic massage. Slowly, you will not only gain control of your ejaculation, but it will also improve your ability to make love more frequently.

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