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Oral Sex for the Self: Tips for Trying Autofellatio

It’s a rare man who doesn’t enjoy being on the receiving end of some mind-blowing oral sex—and, if guys are being honest, it’s a rare man who hasn’t at least half-heartedly attempted oral intercourse on himself. Oral sex for the self, formerly known as autofellatio, certainly requires a man to maintain good penis health—after all, unlike with companions performing oral intercourse, the fellator knows exactly where the penis has been! Most males, however, must follow the proper preparation steps in order to perform autofellatio effectively.

Oral Sex for the Self
Oral Sex for the Self

1) Practice, observe, observe.

First and foremost, it is necessary to acknowledge that only a small percentage of males are capable of having oral intercourse on their first attempt. It, like any other talent, necessitates a man’s observation and preparation. Men who are serious about autofellatio should expect to put in a lot of effort before seeing results.

2) Get limber.

While having a particularly long penis can certainly make the act easier, more modestly endowed men will need to be limber. The neck and backbone, in particular, must be at their most adaptable. Because some guys are naturally more versatile than others, many dudes must train with the goal of improving their flexibility.

3) Try yoga.

Many yoga workout routines (such as the cobra, the plow, and downward going through dog) focus on lengthening the neck and backbone while also improving flexibility in these areas. Finding reputable films or enrolling in yoga classes can be beneficial. However, be sure to work at the proper pace; going too fast or too enthusiastically can cause damage to one’s back, which is not only painful and inconvenient but can also slow progress toward the autofellatio goal.

4) Slim down.

The fewer obstacles in the approach, the better, because self-administered oral intercourse requires bending the neck and backbone to make the lips meet the penis. The presence of a large intestine complicates matters further. Losing that spare tire not only allows for more mouth-to-penis contact, but it is also healthier.

5) Make the abdomen prepared.

Eat and drink plenty throughout the day, but stop about two hours before starting the autofellatio. If at all possible, transfer the bowels and urinate during that time to keep the abdomen empty and more receptive to the bending and twisting ahead.

6) Warm up.

Stretching workout routines that get the body limber and in shape are recommended. It might also be beneficial to soak in a relaxing, warm bath beforehand. And keep the bedroom warm throughout.

7) Get positioned.

While some men can autofellate while standing or sitting, the majority find it easier to do so while lying down. Lay on your back on a bed after rubbing your penis erect. The head should be about a foot from the headboard or the wall. Raise your legs above your head until your feet are pressed against the wall. The arms should always be supporting the lower back. Slowly walk your feet down the wall, allowing the crotch to get closer to your mouth. Allow gravity to do its job! Don’t overextend yourself, as this could lead to injury.

Try and strive again

If the purpose just isn’t reached the first time, do not be discouraged. Many males achieve success in the event that they maintain at it.

Some men develop a new appreciation for those who provide oral intercourse, as well as the importance of penis care. Getting up close and personal with autofellatio emphasizes the importance of a man applying a first-class penis health crème on a regular basis to keep his equipment in good shape (wellness professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven to be gentle and secure for pores and skin). For example, now that someone has experienced firsthand the stench that women complain about, using a crème containing vitamin A, which has antibacterial properties and thus combats penis odor, makes more sense than ever.Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent moisturizers, should be included in the crème so that there is no unpleasant and off-putting dry penile skin to worry about. Hope you get the idea for the topic, Oral Sex for the Self.

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