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My Hair Is Shedding And The Strands That Are Falling Out Are Tapered On The Ends – Why?

My hair is shedding:-I get a lot of questions from people who are experiencing hair loss about shed hairs with tapered ends. Questions about tapered ends of the hair are just as common as questions about shed hair with white bulbs at the base. People usually look for clues on both sides of their shed hair. Many people believe that the tapered ends and white bulb are important indicators of the cause of hair loss or the state of your restoration.

My Hair Is Shedding
My Hair Is Shedding

I heard this from someone: “I know it sounds strange, but I examine a lot of my shed hairs. And I can’t help but notice that the majority of them taper at the end. Why does the side away from the bulb have a tapered point? What exactly does this mean? Is it significant in terms of why my hair is shedding, or does it imply that I am not recovering?”

There are numerous hypotheses regarding the possible causes of tapered ends of shed hairs. One plausible explanation is that the hairs with tapered ends haven’t been trimmed or cut. When you go to your hairdresser to get your hair cut, the scissors will blunt the hair at the ends where it has been cut. So hair that has been cut (and is probably getting older hair) will not be tapered but will instead be blunt.

In this case, the person writing was claiming that almost all of the hairs she was seeing fall out were tapered, which opened up a new set of possibilities. She’d like to ask herself if it had been a long time since she’d gotten her hair cut, or if she was experiencing hair loss conditions like persistent telogen effluvium or androgenic alopecia where she was biking.

When you have continuous teleogen effluvium, your hair can go through a few cycles of shedding, attempting to regrow, and then shedding again before the trigger that started the hair loss is removed and normal hair cycles can resume. So that’s one danger.

Androgenic alopecia is another risk. There is a theory that the sebum produced by this condition impedes hair growth, and these pronounced tapered ends are evidence of that theory. Many people describe these types of ends as having a slightly spherical bump on the end. Those who run their hand down the shaft of their shed hair can actually feel this. This appears to be (and feels) very different from tapered hair that hasn’t been cut or even the ends of hair affected by telogen effluvium.

It might be useful to consider the size of those spent hairs. If they’re quick, they’re most likely regrowth that’s either biking due to shedding or your scalp’s inability to maintain its regrowth (as is usually the case with androgenic alopecia.)

Finally, one more thing to think about. Exclamation level hairs are produced by some hairs that have been affected by the autoimmune hair loss condition alopecia areata. These hairs, too, have tapered ends, but I should point out that this disorder is relatively uncommon, and the hair loss is typically patchy rather than diffuse. Tapered ends can be caused by a variety of factors, including hair that is still uncut; hair that is shedding as part of its life cycle; or hair that is shedding prematurely due to various hair loss circumstances.

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