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If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

I usually get clients who contact me stating that they believe they’ve been diagnosed with the flu or cold because of performing EFT or other energy-based treatments, such as Reiki Kinesiology, kinesiology, or hands-on therapy. Of course, any therapy method could trigger what’s known as the therapeutic response or crisis. These are when symptoms suddenly show up after a therapy session. It could be a backache or headache stiff shoulders and neck as well as tears, anger, emotional tenseness, a rash and cold or flu-like symptoms. A response like this is not common and can quickly be felt. Most people simply sleep slightly longer than usual following an EFT session. They may also be exhausted for the next day or so after when their energy levels settle.

This particular article is focused on cold and flu symptoms specifically. While it’s certainly possible to contract a cold or flu as a crisis for healing following EFT tapping however, there is other ways of thinking that are commonly offered to me and , in my opinion, in a way that isn’t needed. Sometimes , clients write to me to inquire whether they’re mentally skewed or resistant, or have a history of having a cold after an EFT session. They’re often surprised to discover that getting the flu is due to some of them don’t want to recover and go to the social gathering, work performance, interview or the hottest date that they’ve been tapping EFTs about. It could be the case that the EFT process didn’t manage to capture all the aspects and a portion of those who tap were worried about the upcoming event and, consequently was diagnosed with the flu. It’s also known that stress lowers immunity. This makes sense.

It is common for people to say that they had tapped when sick with flu or illness about an upcoming event that was threatening and then fell ill with flu and could not attend.However let us consider this from a different perspective. What if the onset of the flu was the reason the tapper was unable to tap on all the features of tapping into the emotional trigger? It would make them more prone to allow the virus to enter their bodies, rather than tapping with more focus on the top priority in the second.Let me explain. EFT Tapping can be effective when we’re being specific. It’s the same for flu, as with any other emotion. If we tap for the flu and subsequently, we’re higher-risk to obtain results from tapping. If we had done a tap for flu, we might have triggered the incident.

The physical body influences the emotional, just in the same way that the emotional affects the bodily. As an experienced scientist I have difficulty to differentiate between the two.For instance, I’ve assisted patients suffering from depression after we discovered that they had a problem of the Borna virus, and I’ve tapped into the fact that they had. The Borna virus is associated with depression. Adenovirus 36 is a virus that can cause weight gain. And after identifying and tapping it my patient’s weight usually is restored. Another case is the common yeast overgrowth, also known as Candida. This may cause depressive, anxious, irritability and even the inability to remember. When I tap on “this candida” I’ve observed remarkable results. I’m not sure how this happens but I’ve noticed it too often to not notice it. If you suspect you’re suffering from the influenza, then it’s a sensible idea to tap “this virus” as well as “this virus” each hour for the hour, as well like any tapping you wish to perform.

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