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How to Use Simply Golden Synthetic Urine: Everything You Need to Know About the Product

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Simply Golden Synthetic Urine
Simply Golden Synthetic Urine

The need to pass a drug test is one of the major reasons why many people seek out other products like Simply Golden Synthetic Urine. It’s used by people who want to pass their urine test and get back to work, or by people who want to avoid having their lives disrupted by a false positive result.The best thing about this product is that it can be used in two different ways.Read the article to get the idea.

What is Simply Golden Synthetic Urine?

Simply Golden Synthetic Urine is a urine-based test kit which analyzes the level of 7-Bromopropane (7-BOPP) present in a person’s urine. 7-BOPP can be found in both trace amounts as well as very high levels. It is this chemical which is of interest when it comes to drug testing.This chemical is the drug metabolite for many commonly prescribed drugs such as opioid painkillers, antidepressants, as well as stimulants and sedatives. It is believed that if 7-BOPP is present in a person’s urine, they will test positive for the drug on the first urine test, and they will have to take a second test which is more reliable.

How to Use Simply Golden Synthetic Urine

Simply Golden Synthetic Urine is a urine kit which is a completely synthetic urine, as opposed to the traditional way of making urine with the use of enzymes. Here, it’s created in the lab and injected into a patient’s bladder. This, however, will often be part of a urine test. To bypass the drug test, the patient can take the clear liquid by mouth to get a sample from his or her urine. However, this method may not give a reliable test result.All they need to do is let the liquid just go through their system without drinking it.

Results of Using Simply Golden Synthetic Urine

Simply Golden Synthetic Urine delivers clean and accurate urine, and it only takes about 45 seconds to use the urine, so even if you’re in a rush, you can still pass a drug test. Simply Golden Synthetic Urine is also known as X-mark Total Urine Test Solution.Let’s see the benefits of using this product.

1. FastThe primary reason why people fail a drug test is because their sample is tainted. They did something to the sample such as drinking coffee before the test. Simply Golden Synthetic Urine is a safe and fast way to make sure the sample you give to a drug test is 100% clean.

2. SafeSimply Golden Synthetic Urine does not contain any sort of a chemical and the only way you can destroy it is by throwing it out.

How to Beat a Drug Test

Urine text
Urine test

First, when you go to the lab for the test, simply get your sample prepared. The sample needs to be as concentrated as possible and it should be as free of natural or synthetic odor as possible. Most labs can prepare your sample if you have no issues with drug residue. All they do is take the sample and sterilize it. Once it’s dried and a small quantity is stored in a test tube, it will look like this.Most drug tests will take about three hours to process the sample. This is so they can evaluate the quality of your sample and see how much of a positive result it will be. If the results are positive, you can then save the remainder of your sample to use in the future.


As stated earlier, the speed with which a person’s test results will change, from the ability to pass one type of test to failing a different type of test, is something that would never happen with a drug test. It’s unlikely that a person can fail a drug test with a synthetic urine product.However, one of the concerns is the long-term effects of synthetic urine. If a person is using synthetic urine for a long time and eventually switches to natural urine, they would most likely experience the “head spin” symptom as a result of the mixing of the two products. So, for those who aren’t sure if they will prefer synthetic urine or the natural urine, Simply Golden has a unique 60-day money-back guarantee to ease their worries.

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