How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally – The Onion Juice For Hair Growth Remedy


Hair loss is brought on by a myriad of things and as such, there’s not a one measurement match all answer available. With that being mentioned, there are a selection of house treatments that works very effectively to mitigate against hair loss whereas offering an environment that promotes hair progress. This article will offer you one of many best house treatment for hair progress and thickness.

I ought to preface this part by saying that no amount of treatments or potions can provide help to when you do not take the required steps to guard your hair from damage. This implies that it is best to solely use pure and chemical free merchandise, chorus from utilizing hair dryers, curling irons etc and just remember to are getting adequate quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals such as biotin, zinc, and vitamin B’s.

Now let’s take about the pure house treatment that you simply can use to cease hair loss naturally and promote hair progress.

#1 – Onion Juice

There are a whole lot of Youtubers that swears by this treatment. If you search on YouTube for “onion juice for hair“, you will discover fairly numerous movies displaying before and after outcomes of large hair progress.

But why does onion juice assist with hair progress?

There are just a few explanation why onion juice can offer you amazing hair progress outcomes. Firstly, it’s wealthy in dietary sulfur which is a key ingredient within the optimum manufacturing of proteins and enzymes.

This implies that onion juice performs an essential function within the development of latest hair strands for the reason that protein keratin is constructed from sulfur which onion juice gives.

Secondly, onion juice is a wealthy supply of antioxidants. So by including it to your scalp, it helps to guard your hair from free radical damage which could in any other case cause hair loss.

Here’s How To Use The Onion Juice Hair Growth Remedy:

You’ll Need:

  • 1. A blender or grater
  • 2. A cheesecloth
  • 3. Organic Coconut Oil
  • 4. A mason jar or contain with cover

Preparing The Juice:

Step #1 – Using a blender – Chop about 3 massive onions and place the chunks into the blender. (If you’ve gotten a nutribullet, this might work best.)

Add 3 tablespoons of natural coconut oil to the onion chops contained in the blender and then mix till you get a thick liquid.

Using a grater (If you do not have a blender) Grater the three onions utilizing the best a part of the grater till you’ve gotten a advantageous puree right into a bowl then add the three tablespoons of coconut oil and combine effectively with a spoon.

Step #2 – Pour the onion juice and coconut oil combination into the cheesecloth over a bowl to pressure and take away massive particles.

Step #3 – You ought to now have a clean liquid that it is best to place in a container with a lid (mason jar) that’s good for as much as two weeks.

Step #4 – BONUS – you can add an essential oil such as peppermint or lavender to assist fight the scent of the onions.

How To Use The Remedy:

Step #1 – Firstly wash your hair with a light ideally natural shampoo to take away dirt and grease out of your hair.

Step #2 – utilizing a cotton ball or dropper, add the onion juice you simply ready to your scalp and use your finger tricks to therapeutic massage it in to verify it penetrates every a part of your head.

Step #3 – Put on a bathe cap and let the juice keep in your hair for at least 60 minutes.

Step #4 – Wash and rise your hair completely.

That’s it!

Using this treatment, a variety of individuals have reported progress of as much as two inches of their first 30 days. However, when you want to see related outcomes, you could be consistent together with your application. For best outcomes, it’s endorsed that you simply use this treatment a minimal of three occasions per week.

Source by Stephanie Kayle

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