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How to make eggnog at home in 5 min easy steps.

Today we’re making eggnog super creamyand I’ll be spiking it with brandy and rum .I’m excited to make this because
it’s kind of like a custard and an alcoholic drink mixed together with ahorrible name.
Separate eggs

alright our first step is  to separate 6eggs using clean hands. here’s my whites for the eggnog.I’m gonna set this aside . whisking in about a cup of sugar you can go a little bit lower if you want but it’s a I just look all the way for me and maybe about a tablespoon or half a tablespoon of vanilla paste .I’m gonna give us a good whisk until it’s nice and corporated and yellow light yellow.

Bring the elephant.

now it’s time for the elephant of eggnog. so I think I will be doing a combination of bourbon and spiced rum then do a half a cup of each and then give it a little taste and see if I want to add a bit more . this makes more than one drink

it’s feeling like the holidays by adding one cup of cream right now. this is giving me bad memories of when I made
some poor decisions in college and then one cup and 2 cups of Pullman give it a whisk and we’re going to refrigerate this for about an hour right now .

a good cook actually almost tests the batter so let’s give
this little test to see if it’s light .that’s good but we could definitely go higher on the Ellicott so other than half a cup of bourbon and the alcohol helps preserve this. so it lasts longer in the fridge. so while the eggnog is chilling we’re gonna whip up our six egg whites until they reach the stiff peak stage then they’ll get folded in and create a frothy creamy texture for the drink lock.

we’re going to now fold this into our chilled mixture this could chill overnight by the way there’s nothing out tall in it
to keep it sterile. okay now let’s fold as a head of gently you want to preserve the creaminess and some of the air
bubbles but you can’t have giant masses of you know whipped egg whites if you’re gonna drink switching to a whisk gently.

It’s time for nutmeg

Quarter teaspoon of nutmeg this is like a giant cocktail right now. yeah I have half a teaspoon of cinnamon. I’m not gonna use all of it though but I thought be a nice touch to make it a bit more holiday. okay one final mix mmm
that’s smells great okay I don’t have a fancy ladle so I’m using a measuring each drink has about a cup of alcoholin it. just kidding all right that’s good. don’t tell anyone let’s just garnish it with some not freshly grated nutmeg.  That is all.


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