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How to do a product review on youtube.

Now product review videos can be a great way to get discovered as a small YouTube channel, as well as share products that you love and use. So in this article, I’m gonna share with you five tips to create engaging product review videos that get views and make you money.

 Let’s get into it

The first tip that I wanna give you all, is to test the product and form your opinion

 Now, when we do product review videos, or if you do product review videos, you typically buy something and you already know that you’re going to review it, but you wanna hold off just a little bit and really test this thing out Whether it’s a camera, whether it’s a microphone, whatever it is, you wanna test it out and form your own opinion. Because people are going to be watching this video to hear what you have to say about it and to see what kind of experiences you’ve had with the product

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 So take your time, test this thing out, and then form your opinion

 This is different than an unboxing video, or a first impressions video, because you’re not really giving a specific recommendation in those types of videos. But when you’re making a review video, 

people are coming to your video to see whether you recommend it, or you don’t recommend it, and they’re also wondering why, And you need to know the answer to that question before you hit record.

Tip number two is to build a script for the product review on youtube

 Now you wanna make sure that you put everything in the script so that you don’t forget something when it comes to the filming day. And here are the things when we’re reviewing products on youtube, that we always put into our script, and I’ll read that to you right now.

 The first one is price

 You want to mention the price because when the person comes to your review video, they’re probably looking whether they should buy it or not, and so I like to start off with the price at the beginning of the script so people know if it’s too expensive, if it’s out of their budget, they might even just click away right there. But if it’s in their budget, then they might stay and watch the entire video.

 Now, the second thing we cover is the key features

 What about this product is useful?, What makes it worth buying?, What are the cool things about this product that you wanna share with someone who is looking to buy this product?, .The third thing would be the pros.

 I like to list out everything I love about the product, and after this, I would list the cons.

 What about this product does not work very well? What do they need to add to the product to make this thing better? As well as if any deal-breakers might make someone not want to buy it? You definitely wanna mention that in your video

 And then the last part to add to your script would be your conclusion, your final thoughts.

 Do the pros outweigh the cons? Is it a good price for what you get? And then also to talk about maybe who you would recommend the product for. So at Think Media, if we’re reviewing a camera,  I like to talk about who this camera is for, and who it’s not for. Now this is definitely just a template, but feel free to add anything else to your script, but I definitely recommend using a script, writing it all down, so that you don’t forget anything when it comes to filming.

Tip number three that I would give you is to get lots of B-roll

 So when you’re talking about some of these key features, or you’re talking about the product being used in a specific way, I like to get a B-roll of that because people wanna see what it’s like to use this product in the real world

 They also wanna see what you’re talking about

 So if you’re talking about a microphone, you wanna get shots of the microphone

 If you’re talking about the mic jack on a camera specifically, you wanna get a closeup of that mic jack

 Now you don’t need to really overthink this and make it look super cinematic and super cool

 If you are just getting started with video, then keep it simple

 And just taking the time to get that B-roll, whether it looks gorgeous or not is really gonna improve your video.

 Tip number four is to get to the point

I’ve seen a lot of product reviews on youtube videos online and one of the biggest mistakes that they make is they include like a 10-minute vlog before they actually review the product. And I think people, when they see a product review video, they wanna get right into it. They might not necessarily care about the vlog, but they care about this. And so they’ll skip forward, and that sometimes can actually hurt the YouTube algorithm and it won’t recommend your video as much To get on the right side of the YouTube algorithm. I definitely recommend getting to the point, and starting with your review right away. Now, this is where the script comes in handy, so it can help you kinda stay on track and get right to the point.

 Now, of course, it’s very important to be creative, to be unique, and to experiment So definitely feel free to do that as well. But the point here really is to be thinking about the viewer. What is it that they want? When you’re watching a review video what is it that you enjoy when someone reviews a product? 

So be creative, but also keep in mind the viewer, and what it is that they want when watching your video.

Tip number five

All right, so tip number five is to create a powerful title, thumbnail, and tags in a product review on your youtube video. Now, title and thumbnail are so important ’cause that is what causes someone to actually click onto your video. Now, if you look in the YouTube Studio, there’s something called click-through rate, and you want that percentage as high as possible. And this is what is going to cause YouTube to send your video to more and more people. To increase this number of your click-through rate, you want something that is going to cause people to click. So you wanna be thinking about your title, you also wanna be thinking about that thumbnail.

 For the actual thumbnail what you want to do is when you’re shooting B-roll, you’re getting all the video, but you actually wanna turn your camera to photo mode and get some really good high-quality photos while you’re at it. Getting a really nice photo of the product that you’re reviewing is gonna help you stand out on YouTube, if you have a really clear and crispy thumbnail. Also, take a look at the other product review videos of the product you’re reviewing, check out their thumbnails, check out their titles, look at which ones are the most viewed, and you definitely want to stand out. So don’t necessarily copy what they’re doing, but use that as inspiration and then make it different.

 For the title and the tags it’s very important to utilize the actual product that you’re reviewing. So let’s say we’re doing a video about the Canon M50, 

we definitely want that phrase in the title, and we also want that in the tags. This is gonna help with the search engine optimization ‘Cause we want people who are searching in YouTube for Canon M50 for our video to pop up at the top of that search. So also use other tags that are relevant to the Canon M50, maybe tag Canon, do another one separate that is M50, You could use tags that are Canon M50, and then the lens that you are using on it, and all these things are going to help you rank in search.

 A lot of people ask if tags actually work, and they do .so you wanna make sure that you are tagging relevant tags to your product, and to your video. I hope you could get better understanding on how to do a product review on youtube

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