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How to Cure Hair Dye Allergy at Home, Treatments -Prevention

I’ll share with you what are the things that I did to totally cure my hair dye allergy at home. I did not go to the doctor. The solution to our problem can be found at home. Before we proceed to the treatment, let’s proceed first with the CAUSES OF HAIR COLOR ALLERGY.

What are the real reasons why we are experiencing hair color allergy?

How to cure hair dye allergy at home
How to cure hair dye allergy at home

PPD is the content found in the hair dye that causes allergy.PDD is a chemical that causes allergic reactions but there are people like us who are more sensitive than other people. There are also levels of allergy – mild and severe. I’ve got an allergy twice. It’s like I did not learn my lesson the 1st time that I had it, hahaha!

Allergic reaction to hair dye

It’s not really my fault when I got my 1st allergy during my college days. It was due to black shampoo. If you’re familiar with black shampoo, just read the ingredients there and you’ll see that it can cause allergy. But I did not know that before. I just learned about it when I got my allergy. This is what really happened…We had foundation day at our school.Someone prepared a henna tattoo and the powder mixture, mix in the air and it touched my skin.
Then I started to feel itchy but it doesn’t feel too itchy yet. That was afternoon and I went home due to itchiness. The allergy occurred in the evening. And that was the severe itchiness that happened.

The 2nd time allergy that I had was when I went to the salon and had my hair dye. I chose a DARK BROWN COLOR. That’s when I discovered that black or DARK color hair dye causes more allergies than those that are LIGHT color hair dye. I have light brown hair color. Sometimes we cannot get the exact color when applied to our hair. But if you love putting on hair dye, you don’t need to lose hope. As long as the hair dye is light in color, you have less possibility of getting an allergy.

Now, let’s proceed with the SYMPTOMS OF HAIR COLOR ALLERGY. How can you say that what you see on your skin is really caused by hair color allergy?

hair dye allergy symptoms

Allergic to hair dye what can i use?

Finally, let’s proceed with the TREATMENT. The moment of truth…The hair color allergy TREATMENTS..
1st solution: SALT AND WATER

hair allergy treatments
Salt and water treatment for hair dye allergy

You see, it’s really easy to do it. That’s what I did every day for 2 weeks to totally healed my allergy. I didn’t have pictures to show you because my 1st severe allergy happened during college when I was not a blogger yet. That’s severe rashes with water inside around my face, neck, and ears. Just imagine how it looks because I can’t search for it because I can’t look for severe skin diseases. It also runs down up to my arms and hands so I go to school wearing blazers even that’s summertime.
Imagine the weather is hot and I’m wearing blazers to hide my rushes. Because I felt shy due to the look of my rushes.
That’s my 1st and most severe allergy caused by black shampoo.
I’ll be sharing the PREVENTION not to get hair color allergy so read until the end. I’ll show you my skin during my 2nd hair color allergy using dark brown hair dye.

picture of hair dye allergy

This time, it’s not because of black shampoo but due to dark brown color hair dye. For your information guys, I love to color my hair and I had my hair color many times already using blonde or light brown but I decided to try dark brown for a new look. Little did I know that dark brown color also causes hair allergy similar to black shampoo.
I don’t know if what the staff did was right. She massaged the hair color onto my scalp. I’m not sure if that’s the way it should be or it’s just her technique. Just in case it will happen to you, NEVER allow to massage the hair color to your scalp. If you can avoid the scalp area, that would be safe.
Now, let’s proceed with the 2nd SOLUTION.

Aloe vera for allergies

Aloe Vera treatment
Aloe vera treatment for hair dye allergy

It is not actually the treatment but it relieves that itchiness and hot feeling or burning sensation caused by rushes. It helped me a lot especially when I felt the burning sensation. It’s like I want to put more aloe vera gel over and over again.

The EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE is to put the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator 30 minutes before you use it to make it more relaxing when you use it. You can also use the natural aloe vera plants. You can get the gel from the plant using a spoon and put it in the ice cubes box and place them inside the freezer. Then once it’s frozen, it will become an aloe vera ice cube, and rub it on your rashes.
That’s a bonus tip if you’ll use an aloe vera plant instead of aloe vera gel that you can buy in the supermarket. if you’ll buy aloe vera gel in the supermarket…it easier because you just need to put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes then it’s ready to use.

honey treatment
chamomile tea treatment
honey treatment for allergy
coconut oil treatment for hair dye allergy

How to get rid of hair dye allergy

There are 2 things that we must do. FIRST, avoid dark color hair dye. Again don’t lose hope because we can still have fashion style by doing hair color as long as it’s not dark color hair dye. If you know that you have a hair color allergy, NEVER again use black shampoo and dark color hair dye.

How to get rid of hair color allergy

Hair colour tests

How to get rid of hair dye allergy doing a patch test

The SECOND thing we must do is PATCH TEST. What’s a PATCH TEST? Is it difficult like mathematics? hahaha! No, it’s so easy to do so you MUST do it. You must not neglect it because if you don’t, you might get a more severe allergy. Just get a pea-size amount of hair dye that you’ll be using. Then put it on the inner part of your arms because that’s the thin part of your skin.

You can also do a PATCH TEST at the back of your ear. But it’s a bit scary to put it at the back of your ear because it’s near your face.I would suggest, do it inside your arm and make sure it’s pea-size only so if any irritation or allergy occurs, only a small area of your skin will be affected. Leave it for 24 hrs or overnight. If no irritation occurs, then you’re safe to use that specific hair dye. That’s it! Just do these tips to avoid allergies. But if you already have an allergy right now, just use the treatments that I’ve shared with you especially no. 1 because the SALT AND WATER treatment is the one that healed me. So hope you got the information about how to cure hair dye allergy at home.

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