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How to Cure a Cold Sore – 9 Home Remedies for Cold Sores You May Not Have Seen

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How to cure a cold sore:

You’ve probably done a lot of research on how to treat a cold sore, especially if you have persistent lips or facial sores. There are many other options that you can try. These are just a few home remedies for cold sores that have been reported to work for many people. You may not have even heard of some of these remedies.

How to Cure a Cold Sore
Cold Sore

H Preparation

Apply it as soon as you feel the sensation of tingling. The blister may not form if you notice it quickly. Preparation H is for hemorhoids. It helps to ease the swelling, itching and burning.

Ear Wax

This is a great way to see how you can treat a cold sore. Apply a bit of ear wax to the area that is tingling. Although I don’t know why it works for some people, I believe it does.

Nail Polish Remover

It can be painful. Nail polish can be used to treat the sore. After holding it for 5 minutes, apply Neosporin to it. It should only be done a few times per day.

Tea Bag

Apply a hot teabag to a blistered lip for a few minutes. You can then use eucalyptus oils. This can be done at a variety of times throughout the day.

Alcohol-Based Household Products

Most likely, you’ve heard of people who have achieved success using rubbing alcohol. Other household products, such as mouthwash, aftershave, or hand sanitizer, may contain alcohol.

The herb garlic

Rub a modern garlic clove onto a blister if it has already developed. Although it takes some time, it can help reduce the duration of your recovery. Garlic is a strong antiviral. It is also possible to mash garlic into a paste, and then apply it in this way.

Instant Coffee

In 1970, this article was published in the New Scientist journal. Add instantaneous espresso (the dried powder) to a small amount of water, and then apply the mixture to the sore. This works only with instantaneous espresso and not with common ground.


This is a controversial one because bleach can cause skin reactions in some people. You might be one of these people. If so, try something else. Use bleach to soak a cotton swab and make it burn. This can be done on many occasions throughout the day.


If you feel the primary tingling sensation, or if you have a blister, apply it to a common white deodorant.

These are just a few of the many home remedies for chilly sores I have heard about. These remedies can be used if you’re brave and are looking for a quicker way to treat a cold sore. Hope you find the info related to the topic “How to Cure a Cold Sore”. Thank you.


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