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How to Choose the Right Plastic Pool for Your Backyard

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Advantages of a Pool in the Backyard

You don’t need to have a patio or garden area for the pool; any flat surface is suitable for your pool. It’s a great way to entertain guests. Pool size doesn’t need to be huge to be enjoyed. A good pool can easily be replaced or modified to fit the desired size. Pool is cost-effective and less expensive than most other outdoor activities. The pool provides ample entertainment for a party. Large backyards in the city don’t require a pool because they are surrounded by open spaces. Pool offers good protection against mosquitos. You can’t beat the large amount of room for people to play. Pool is also a great option for smokers and the smell doesn’t bother anyone. Pool means you can always invite your friends and family over for pool parties and events.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Pool for Your Backyard

With What You Can Do In The Pool

There are different kinds of plastic pools and you need to look at them and pick the one for you. The rules and regulations are pretty much the same for the plastic pool. I have broken the types down and we are going to discuss them:

1. A seawater pool

Seawater pools are nothing but a pool made from water that has been bottled in a plastic bottle. you can have two types of pool you can have a mason line pool and a regular pool.

2. A plastic pool

Plastic pool is the new kid on the block, as of now the plastic pool has become extremely popular than the mason line pool because of its wide application. Plastic pool is the choice of every individual because it is cheap, good quality and environment friendly. Plastics are the least probable material for swimming pool.

Is Your Yard Suitable For A Pool?

Just like every other type of property, pool areas can be designed according to the nature of the land on which you will be having a pool. Since land suits to a variety of climates, one needs to decide according to the type of landscape in your yard. For example, if the area is situated in a sunny and hot climate, it will be ideal to install a pool with flat surface. Such a design would be suitable for swimming and for children. Check with your neighbors to find out if the area of the yard suits you for a pool. What Shape Should Your Pool Be? Are you going to add a swimming pool for children? Just before having the pool, you can go for a standard model or you can go for a one that has a few extra features.

Types of Plastic Pools

There are many types of plastic pools, to suit your needs you must be particular about your choices. You should also consider these things: Shallow Pool -A pool is a rectangular shaped area that’s created by filling it with water and then draining the excess water out. Shallow pool is designed for children and dogs, it’s easy to clean and if you don’t want to get the surrounding dirty you can use it for your own needs. It doesn’t have a deep end to prevent drowning. Plastic pools of this type are made of flexible plastic material and typically small size. Float pool -A float pool is a multi-level pool. This type of pool has different levels that can be filled with water to make a rainbow.

In-ground pool

This type of pool uses above ground piping and pumps. The plumbers put the water in the pool and attach the piping to the pool’s plumbing. But it has pros and cons. Pros of In-ground pool Takes up little space. Has less maintenance. Protects from ground water contamination. Less maintenance. Easy to install. Smaller pool covers less surface. Plain, or one of the other colors. Best Quality of materials. Increased durability for the life of the pool. The drawback of in-ground pool is In this case you should pay attention to location. In some of the areas the ground gets very cold in the winter. Could be harder to maintain. May get harder to empty and clean.

Above-ground pool

This is the most traditional pool type, it’s the original and has the best design to it. Cool fact: The first concrete pools were made for the guests of an English King Backyard pool This is a typical backyard pool which is heated and used in the summer time. New pool This pool can be very expensive and doesn’t always have the design to match the area where the pool is being used. This type of pool might also not be very accessible to the dogs. Side by side pool This type of pool has very many advantages such as ease of use and regular maintenance. It’s also easier to add accessories to the pool, the steps are bigger, and the angle to the pool is usually quite different. This type of pool is good for backyards or for apartment blocks.

The Disadvantages of a Pool in the Backyard

The main disadvantage of a plastic pool is the rate at which water evaporates. A plastic pool will gradually lose the surface area of the pool as it grows older. For a pool that has been used extensively, this rate of evaporation is significantly higher.


We all have heard that water is the second most important thing for people to hydrate. we have already written about the top 5 reasons to choose an above ground pool.

Size If you want to have a pool,

First you have to know the size of your yard. Which would you like to have the pool in? some people like to have the pool above ground. Others want to use the pool for swimming. some would like to go into the pool and get wet from time to time. A very important factor is the size of your pool. Many pools have a built in ladder so you can enter the pool right into the pool. Some pools have a 4 or 5 person per each person lane that allows for a good maneuverability of the children in the pool.

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