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How to Breast Feed Your Baby

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Many nursing mothers mistakenly believe that there’s no need to study breastfeeding since it’s pure and natural. This is more than just feeding the infant by supplying breastmilk. There are numerous issues in the process. However, research has shown that many mothers don’t know how to feed their babies effectively or the best way to breast feed their babies. In fact, there’s plenty to research about on this. Here are some tips that you can follow to breastfeed.

Breast feeding
Breast feeding

The first thing to learn about feeding your child is the place you sit. It doesn’t matter where you are the sense that you can feel comfortable with it and does not create any danger for your child. You can lay down, sit or stand. Anywhere is fine provided you can feed your child in a comfortable way.

It is a good idea to latch on properly

The ability to latch is crucial when it comes to breastfeeding. The latching process has to do with the relationship with your baby’s mouth. Here are some suggestions you can use to latch correctly.

  • Utilize a pillow to assist your baby to give flexibility to your hands as well as to help carry the weight of a newborn in a comfortable way.
  • Encourage your child scoop the milk of your breast by bringing your baby closer to the breast, allowing the lips to meet your baby’s nipples.
  • Help your baby to drink adequate breast milk by rushing your breast.

The process of assessing your success

You’ll be able to recognize when you’ve successfully assisted in helping your child latch properly. The sensation of pulling in the breasts that your baby is sucking from displays that show the baby is correctly being held. If it seems that the baby is biting or pressing you with the nipple area, then you’re not receiving the signal. The baby isn’t properly secured.

When you first begin to breastfeed your baby, it’s normal for your breast to feel more full and firmer. But, it will be softer after feeding. This implies that your baby sucks enough milk. It is possible to determine whether your child is able to feed through the stool. A stool that is well fed child should be free, spongy and yellowish in the shade.

The process of weaning your child

Here are some guidelines to follow when you are starting to wean your child.

  1. You can begin to gradually reduce the dosage at the right timing (six months from the time you started is fine, but you could extend it as long as you wish)
  2. Don’t start weaning if your baby doesn’t feel well.
  3. Introduce the change on a regular basis and don’t rush the weaning process.
  4. Replace breast milk by iron-fortified meals or a child’s method

Correct breast feeding is not just allowing your child to suckle your breast. This is why you should get an experienced steering.

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