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Home Based Treatment With Home Remedies

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Home remedies are not more than one thing that can help you with your issues. It is something that everyone can do at home to get great results. You can ignore the doctor and trust in the words of your grandmothers who have given you the information on how to create safe therapy for certain illnesses. We can do this from the comfort of our home, at any hour of the day. For simple issues such as colds, coughs and stomach aches, we don’t need to go to the doctor.

Common cold treatment at home

-Drinking inexperienced Tea

A great treatment for common cold is to drink tulsi or ginger, Elachi, Souf and mulethi in boiling water.

Black pepper and honey

-Besan (Black Gram flour) mixed with Desi ghee, and some dry fruits. The addition of milk to make it into Seera (liquid), and then consuming that little bit of sizzle can help relieve congestion and soothe sore throats.

-Turmeric in Milk is a great home remedy for treating coughs and colds.

Menstrual cramps

It is important that females don’t take too much pain medication during menses. This can cause blood to clot and swelling in the uterus. The best home remedy for pain in the back and legs, and upset stomach is to heat a water bottle half-way and place it inside your body.

Consuming turmeric in milk can relieve pain. It’s sizzling, and soothing to the uterus.

-Take til seeds in jaggery. Boil the jaggery in water. Add the til seeds. This can be done quickly and allows blood to circulate and relieves ache.

Ajwain can also be used with hot milk or water to make a beautiful house treatment.

It is also a good idea to add almond oil drops to your milk.

Another great way to use honey is to put it in hot milk.

A little rum mixed in water can also be very beneficial for controlling aches.

Home remedies to alleviate a headache

-Take Jalebi with cold milk

Coconut water is a good choice.

Drinking tea with more sugar.

Home remedies for flawless skin and pores:

Applying milk cream to your skin is a great way to get mushy skin.

You can make a home scrub by adding corn flour, besan and a little honey to it. You can use this once a week to keep your skin and pores looking clean throughout the week.

A paste of turmeric, neem and tulsi can be applied to combat zits.

Apply almond oil at night to prevent wrinkles

Coconut oil can be applied to the skin at night to reduce blemishes.

A paste of cucumbers and tomatoes mixed in milk cream with some turmeric can also be used to create equity.

Apply rose water, lemon juice, and glycerine to remove dry, patchy skin.

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