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Get more youtube views understanding the youtube algorithm

You want get more youtube views ,So, you’re a small youtube channel ,but  someday you want to become a big  youtube channel and you figured that the best way to do this is to beat the youtube algorithm. Well, this in a nutshell is how you do it. Today’s lesson is how to beat the youtube algorithm as a small channel. Now for those of you with the attitude that this article is too long.  Let me summarize, this doesn’t really have anything to do with algorithms. It’s more about building an audience on youtube. But i’m going to be honest with you. If you haven’t got patience to read this article, you’re going to get frustrated with youtube very very quickly when it comes to growing a youtube channel.  it’s not about cheat codes and hacks and  ways to try and beat the system. It is a large dollop of passion patience,persistence all wrapped up in consistency over the long term. All of this begins by building a channel around your intended target audience.

how to beat you tube algorithm
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Going  viral isn’t always the best thing

first of all,  think about who is watching your channel right now and if they are likely to be watching in six to 12 months time and with that in mind can you keep them engaged on a  regular basis  with your content .this is why going  viral isn’t always the best thing for your channel.   if you get tons of views from a single  video when you don’t even know who your target audience is, then you’re probably going  to struggle to retain that audience and  they will quickly move on to the  next thing. this is where return viewers  can be a really valuable metric  over subscribers. At a glance this data will show you when viewers are returning to watch more of your content and is a great indicator of long-term channel growth and sustainability.

Why should a viewer pick you?

Let’s face the harsh truth here and  we’re all to blame for this. There is more content on youtube and indeed the internet at large than ever before and every single second that passes. Someone else adds more to it and so if you start a channel with the intention of doing what he does or what she does or what they do, then guess what it’s already been done.  Why should a viewer pick you? This is where the question of finding your niche starts to be answered the term.   niche can be used in many different ways  when it comes to youtube, be it channel focus or video topic, but today when we talk about niche i’m going to ask you about  you as a video creator this isn’t about  playing only one game on your channel or choosing ios over android. this is about  how you present your content to your  target audience.

if you are going to be a  tech channel, are you going to bring news to your audience before anyone else on youtube? if you are going to play one of the most popular video games in theworld,are you going to bring a standard of gaming excellence that no one else can compete with? if you are going to show us how to trade in stocks, are you going to give us 100 financial pieces of advice rather than the five or six that your competitors do? or if you are a travel blogger ,are you going to interwine personal stories that are going to move your audience like no one else can do in the genre? ,let’s go back to that original obstacle pretty much every topic already exists on youtube .so,why should  i as a viewer choose you? your answer as  a creator is your youtube superpower whatever that ends up being fortunately there is a fun entertaining and educational way to  start answering this question and it’s to simply watch videos on youtube now.   

Giving the value to the audience

For a little confessional corner who here spends all of their time making youtube videos rather than watching videos on youtube to find out what’s going on in their video topic, i’m guilty of disappearing off into my creative bubble all the time. but when i stop to drink in some of the content in my video topic, i’m refreshed with new  ideas,new ways of filming and editing ,new ways to create thumbnails in the business world. you might call this market research.   in the youtube world i like to call this passive  collaboration, come on, let’s all admit it.

Be very helpful to your audience

We watch other creators within our video topic and when we admire what someone has done, we look at how we can recreate that video whilst adding our own unique youtube superpower  to our own creation. the interpretation  and the execution of an idea is what sets your content apart from everybody else on youtube and it also develops brand awareness.  Finally, if you are watching videos from a channel that convince you to click,you have the confidence that the video will give you some valuable info even it is not, is the core secret of beating the youtube algorithm and get more youtube views .Being very helpful to your audience ,you can beat the youtube algorithm very very easily.

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