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Fingernail Health Indicators and Health Issues

Fingernail health is very important to our life because fingernails are essentially windows to our health. the skin beneath our nails can tell us what’s going on inside of our bodies, any deficiencies organ issues. They can even show signs of cancer just by looking at your nails and just by looking at the skin beneath it, you can tell a lot about someone’s underlying health.

Finger nail health
Fingernail health

Fingernail infection

you want to look for dark spots, you want to look for light spots, you want to look for things that could signify infection or neoplasm such as a melanoma which can be deadly. that could mean cancer and it says,skin cancer can also be found beneath the fingernail where skin cancer occurs is actually on the nail bed. The nail bed is the skin surface under that hard keratinized nail. so when that hard keratinized nail is removed you could actually see the skin cancer on the nail skin itself.

The signs of lung cancer

Other signs to look for half in half nails where one color is white – the other is distal colored. it could signify renal disease, if nails are all yellow that could signify lung disease or lung cancer and splinter hemorrhages. Tiny little slits in your nails can indicate a heart condition. see if you notice any red-brown other spots growing or changing. if you do go to a dermatologist, and one more thing about manicures,

The signs of lung cancer
The signs of lung cancer

Nail manicure causes health issues

It says if you do fake nails make sure to give your natural nails a break every three months the chemicals are harsh and also most manicures are safe but you don’t want to open up the door to infections. if you have any open wounds any cut cuticles, do not get a manicure-pedicure till they’re healed.

Nail manicure causes health issues
Nail manicure causes

Fingernail health tips

Don’t get your cuticles cut off they actually protect your nails from any kind of infection. so the take away to keep an eye outlook on your nails. look at your husband’s nails, your wife’s nails, look at your kids’ nails look for those dark spots light spots dark lines. anything that is out of the ordinary and if you do see something and you’re just not sure call your doctor just have them look at it have them check out. Hope you get an idea about fingernail health indicators. Thank you.

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