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Female Hair Loss: What Sepia Can Do to Dramatically Improve Your Hair Loss

What is Sepia Treatment ?

Sepia is a treatment that is administered as a pores and skin, hair, and hormonal treatment as well as a total constitutional treatment. What this means is that when the body is out of ‘balance’ due to a variety of factors ranging from stress to poor diet to hormonal imbalances to aging, certain symptoms emerge, one of which is hair loss. If hair loss has been a persistent problem for you and you’re a woman, you may be suffering from overactive sebaceous glands and/or hormonal imbalances, which can only affect your scalp and hair. Sepia is a homeopathic treatment that is highly recommended for girls whose hair loss is caused by the above-mentioned triggers or causes..

Female Hair Loss:Sepia Treatment
Hair loss

Which constitutional type is the typical feminine sufferer (with falling hair) who can benefit from the homeopathic treatment Sepia?

The Sepia body type has a pear-shaped feminine form (as opposed to the ‘apple form’), drooping shoulders, a pale complexion, and dark circles around her eyes. In general, it’s best to focus on the psychological traits and ignore the physical characteristics. Thus, if you’re a girl suffering from hair loss who feels overwhelmed by obligations and work, has a tendency to be depressed or apathetic (even in a rational way), and/or desires quiet and solitude in social gatherings (a typical ‘Sepia’ psychological trait that many people share! ), the homeopathic treatment Sepia may be for you, even if you’re not a ‘pear-shaped’ girl.

You could be a ‘thinker,’ someone who spends long periods of time working alone and is not a party animal, preferring one-on-one interactions and plenty of alone time: Again, if your hair falls out and you have a tendency to be this way, think about Sepia: I’ve seen Sepia prescribed for these women who have hair loss, usually with hormonal undertones. Such’hormonal undertones’ in hair loss may manifest themselves in the form of extreme’shedding’ of hair (and generally extra ‘oil in your scalp) before your period is due; however, things may be significantly better just after your period.

Specific methods in which the homeopathic treatment Sepia aids scalp and hair health are listed below. This homeopathic treatment has a beneficial effect on blood circulation throughout the body, which improves organ nourishment and function. This also entails critical improvement within the menstrual cycle when there are any abnormalities. The improvements to the blood and glandular’movement, as well as the general nervous system, significantly contribute to the relief of psychological depression and the sense of being ‘overwhelmed’ by stress and too many obligations, as well as emotional and bodily issues related to hormonal imbalances.

Source by E. Jules Gibsons

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