Do You Love Sugar As Much As Cancer Does?


Cancer cells are present in every body. But fortunately our immune system, for probably the most half, can deal with them. Until, of course, it not does. And then scary issues occur which none of us are notably eager on and many people dread.

To avoid potential problems and to attenuate the danger of cancer fairly just a few individuals on the market busily add antioxidants to their diet. But that is a bit like closing the secure door after the horse has bolted. Instead of taking an antidote, it might be a lot wiser to not ingest the toxin within the first place, especially seeing how it’s the toxins that result in oxidization. It sounds logical, does not it?

Now, what toxins do you suppose it’s possible you’ll be placing into your body? Some of the avoidable ones are of course seed oils, processed meals, alcohol, and worst of all – sugar.

Did you recognize that solely 1tsp of sugar suppresses your cancer-killer cells for 7 hours? Think about it – solely by consuming one tiny little teaspoon of sugar, you’re making your self extra prone to cancer development over the subsequent 7 hours!! And to suppose that most individuals ingest 17-20 tsp of sugar a day on average…

Sugar not solely suppresses your immune system. It also feeds the cancer cells. Cancer cells are 40-50 instances extra efficient in using sugar than regular cells. Cancer is literary suck up glucose like crazy and thrives on it. In truth, analysis has proven {that a} cancer polyp within the colon will eat the sugar from a sugary drink (e.g. apply juice) before the sugar even will get absorbed into the blood stream. Moreover, sugar-fed cancer is extra proof against chemo and radio remedy. Conversely, sugar-deprived cancer requires a a lot decrease dose of chemo and radio remedy.

Now, is “natural” sugar better? Well, that is the identical query as “Is natural poison better than artificial poison?” Of course not! Poison is poison, regardless of how “natural” its supply. Your body does not care the place the sugar got here from. It reacts to it the identical means it reacts to poison. There is not any such factor as a wholesome type of sugar. It is all poison. And as an alternative of taking it and then making an attempt to compensate with costly (and doubtful) anti-oxidants, it’s a lot better not take it altogether. Saves you a variety of headache and might prevent from cancer too.

Source by Vyara Bridgeman

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