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Breast Massage – Why Not?

Breast massage is a part of a woman’s life if they really care about breast cancer. Every year, over 250,000 girls are diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year, approximately 14,000 girls die as a result of breast cancer. Listening to these charges is a scary experience. How can this be accomplished? What about all the money being raised to find a cure? Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the breast.

The feminine breast is mostly made up of fatty tissue that surrounds the mammary gland just behind the nipple. Your breasts are supposed to bounce and move as you walk, allowing the breast tissue to move toxins out of the breast tissue and into the lymph nodes, where the body can expel the toxins.

Tight bras

Many girls wear bras from 6 to 24 hours a day, and the bras are usually too tight, causing the breasts to be held too tight and not allowing the breasts to move naturally. Because the breasts are usually not allowed to move, the toxins find a home in the fatty tissue and stay there, just waiting for a cancer cell to return and connect itself to those poisonous cells. As these poisonous cells sit and accumulate extra poisonous cells, the breasts may become extremely tender to touch, making mammograms and even walking painful. The breast may develop non-cancerous cells, which can send shivers up every lady’s spine.

Self Breast Examination is important

Every doctor instructs women on how to perform a self-examination, but many women do not examine their breasts. Some women are too embarrassed or afraid to examine their own breasts. For each lady, it is a matter of life and death. I actually hope that more and more girls will schedule breast exams. However, I’d like to discuss with you a few ways that women can significantly reduce their chances of developing breast cancer and improve their overall breast health. I need to talk about breast therapeutic massage.

Breast massages can significantly reduce the chance of a cancer

If a girl massages her brothers each week, it is believed that their chances of breast cancer can decrease by 42 percent. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, It’s great! That means that more than 100,000 girls would never need this analysis. Not to mention the reduction in breast tenderness or lumps to improve girls’ health.

Breast Massage - Why Not?
Breast Massage

We are the world’s only industrial nation with no fully legalized breast massage as a therapeutic solution for gradual and possibly even breast cancer. I’ve had several girls who I’ve taught to do breast therapeutic massage report a reduction in and elimination of breast tenderness. Lumps have faded and will never return. In addition, one of my customers reported that her doctor thought she had lost weight because the density of her breasts had significantly decreased after less than a year of self-massage. Breast massages significantly reduce the discomfort of mammograms. So, how do you go about doing these breast massages?

The three steps to breast therapeutic massage are as follows:

Step 1: After you’ve undressed your breasts, begin by taking your thumb, or index and center fingers, and gently pressing out towards the sting of your breast. This stroke should be repeated all the way around your breast. Then, across the entire breast, repeat. As the toxins begin to move, you may find yourself going deeper into the strain the second time around. If not, simply maintain the same strain each time.

Step 2: Open your palms and lay them flat together, overlapping your index fingers and thumbs and leaving a gap between your palms. Place your hands on your breast, with your nipple in the space between your palms. Gently press down and out towards the sting of your breast twice back and forth, then twice from top to bottom.

Step 3: Put some lotion in your hand, or use cleaning soap if you’re in the bath. Cup your hand around your breast and rotate it twice clockwise. Then, twice, rotate counterclockwise. Remember not to squeeze too tightly and to allow your breast to flow freely through your hand. Then, repeat this movement on the top of your breast.
If you find yourself finished, remember to do the opposite breast. If you repeat this therapeutic massage once a week, you will notice an improvement in the overall health of your breasts.


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