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All the health benefits of citrus and presented vitamins explained

Okay we’re talking about the health benefits of citrus, simply lemons and limes. Of course, orange  and grapefruit are also citrus,  but those two have too much sugar. So,  we’re going to mainly talk about lemons and limes. so the citrus fruits have  many many phytonutrients. okay we’re going to mainly talk about the flavonoids.  one type of flavonoid is called bioflavonoids which is part of the vitamin c complex and very very important in  gum health like your gums. if you have bleeding gums,  it can actually reverse that pretty quick. So, i’m not just talking about vitamin c being ascorbic acid i’m  talking about the whole vitamin c  complex, and this is why i encourage people to get the majority of their vitamins from food because you get the complete  complex like the vitamin c complex .

 health benefits of citrus / health benefits of citrus//
They have b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 b9

 if you focus on the health benefits of citrus , and citrus fruits are the best for that but you can also get these phytonutrient benefits from not just consuming the fruit but the leaves ,the roots and the flowers of the lemon and the  lime tree.  now lemon and limes have pretty much the  same nutrients there. they have b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 b9 which is folate .they have calcium iron  magnesium,potassium and zinc, but i wouldn’t depend  on getting your vitamins and minerals  from lemons and limes. the thing that you want to get from lemons and limes is the flavonoids .  why? because they have some very cool properties,anti-cancer anti-bacterial  anti-viral anti-fungal anti-diabetic.   now i’ve done so many articles with different plants and vegetables and herbs . it seems like they all have these same common benefits . why?  because it’s part of the survival mechanism that was created from that  plant. but the cool thing about that is you can eat those plants  to get those amazing benefits that have  been created over a very long period of time.

Citrus flavonoids also have the capacity of decreasing  central nervous system disorders

 Citrus flavonoids also have the capacity of decreasing  central nervous system disorders decreasing formation of kidney stones especially the oxalates calcium oxalate  stones.   they can inhibit the formation of the stones as well as calcium phosphate  stones as well. Now the vitamin c in citrus can completely annihilate and get rid of scurvy. What’s scurvy?  that’s a very severe vitamin c  deficiency where you have frequent infections, frequent, colds cracked lips and crack corners of your mouth, that’s what i had growing up. i didn’t know what it was.  now I’ve written other articles  talking about  the vitamin complex specifically b2 and b3 deficiencies  creating cracked  lips  but it can also be  vitamin c. in fact when i was a kid, i think the reason why i had those cracks in the  corners of my mouth,  because i was consuming so much sugar and when you consume sugar,  you can’t at the same time absorb vitamin c. so it was a vitamin c  deficiency that created that problem.

if you’re a smoker, you’re going to block vitamin c absorption

 And also smoking, so if you’re a smoker, you’re going to block vitamin c absorption. that’s really coming from a vitamin c deficiency, because as you smoke, you’re blocking any ability to absorb that vitamin c.    One of the symptoms of scurvy is ulcers in your mouth on the ends of the mouth and on the tongue. now the other real big symptom of scurvy is spongy  bleeding gums. so you brush your teeth  and you look at your toothbrush and it’s  like red. What is that? That’s a vitamin c deficiency.  But it could be you’re just consuming too much sugar or you’re smoking. you know and that could  be blocking vitamin c or you’re just not  consuming  vitamin c from the complete complex.  Maybe you’re getting it from some vitamin, but it’s all synthetic and it’s not the same thing, because vitamin c is involved in collagen and supporting your capillary strength.  So if you don’t have that vitamin c complex, the capillaries are fragile and they break easily and here you are, you go to the dentist and they give you all this  medication because now you have  gingivitis and  you go down this whole series of things.    but in reality, it comes down to your your diet now. 

It can help your liver

citrus flavonoids can decrease the risk of  getting gout.  inhibiting the uric acid formation, it can also help to act as a diuretic to get rid of excess fluid and increase  bile and peristalsis. So,in certain countries they use a lot of lemon for digestive issues. after you eat,  i just recommend using lemon in your diet for many reasons.   not just helping your digestion but some of these other things as well, and lemon  is very very um sour and it can help your liver, it can help the production of bile which by the way um counters constipation because  when you’re deficient bile, you become constipated. So, bile helps lubricate the colon basically and the phytonutrients and citrus help peristalsis. so basically just helps your digestion from a couple different angles. all right there you have it. the health benefits of citrus.

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