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Acrylic BF Inches and Nails – How to Get Them Done Quickly

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So your girl just loves acrylic BB initials on nails and you want to help her celebrate her latest gift by giving her some of her favorite acrylic designs! If you know how to do acrylic nails correctly then you will find it very easy to get these nails done. But if you’re like me and you have never attempted this before, there are a few things that I would suggest you take into consideration before you get started. These tips will save you some time and frustration, so that you can focus on the look that your girl wants instead of focusing on the process of getting the nails done. Here’s what you need to know.

acrylic bf initials on nails

Many people who get acrylic boyfriends initials or BBF initials on nails are doing it because they like the initial charms on their boyfriends’ nails. Initial charms on acrylic nails have always been popular for women, and it only seems to be increasing in popularity as the years pass. There is something kind of classy and elegant about initial charms, and when you pair that with the idea that your girl can show off her first name and last initial with stylish nails, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming such a popular trend. The trick is to make sure you pick a good design that is both interesting and unique.

Once you’ve picked a design that you think is cute and interesting, then you need to decide whether you want your initials to be stamped, painted, or etched onto the nail design. Stamped or painted initials are the easiest option, but they do take more time to do and they don’t look as classy as an etched or stamped design. I recommend that you get an acrylic nail design that is stamped so you can easily remove the initial charm whenever you want to. I also recommend an acrylic nail design that has a long color to it so it will blend in with any acrylic paint color scheme. Anal beads and nail art are another option for initials, but if you aren’t comfortable with that I suggest getting a fun tattoo idea instead.


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