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5 Most Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

If you’re one of these women, you might be able to re-grow your boring, brittle hair with the help of an amazing hair restoration procedure known as PRP Hair Loss Treatment. However, it is preferable if you understand the underlying causes of female hair loss. If you understand the explanations, you may be able to make an informed decision about how to care for your hair.

In this article, we’ll go over the five most common causes of hair loss in women. However, there are many common causes that may be responsible for extreme hair loss in both males and females, but the causes we’re discussing cause hair problems in women.

5 Most Common Causes of Female Hair Loss
5 Most Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

Read and beware when you have any of these causes!

1. Improper Hair Care:

You must agree that before recommending a hair care regimen, you must first determine the best way to care for your hair. You probably wear a variety of hairstyles, but you’re probably unaware that tight hairstyles keep your hair pressurized for hours. You use a lot of hair products without thinking about whether or not they are beneficial to your hair. You’re probably unaware that your shampoo or hair color can cause hair loss as well. If you’re experiencing hair problems, consult with your doctor or a hair specialist to determine what’s causing the problem.

2. Anemia:

Anemia is a serious condition caused by a lack of iron in the diet. Women are predisposed to anemia due to their heavy menstrual cycle. The lack of folic acid in the body is the second cause of anemia. It all boils down to a lack of oxygen supply to your hair follicles as a result of low hemoglobin production. Finally, your hair starts to fall out.

3. Pregnancy:

Many women lose their hair shortly after giving birth. The estrogen hormone is at an all-time high during pregnancy, but after delivery, the level of the hormone returns to normal. This drop in the hormone stage could be the result of the onset of sudden hair loss. The specialists, on the other hand, consider this section to be brief.

4. Menopause:

When a woman reaches menopause, she may experience a number of changes in her body, including extreme hair loss. Hair loss at this stage is caused by a low level of estrogen hormone in the body. The symptoms can be reduced with proper care or advice from a specialist.

5. Extreme Weight Loss:

Most women want to be slim, and some try to stick to a healthy diet plan to achieve this goal. They are most likely unaware that strict diet plans can lead to nutrient deficiency in the body. Furthermore, a diet plan may result in rapid and excessive weight loss, which is detrimental to the health of your hair.

If you suspect you have some of these causes, seek the advice of your doctors as soon as possible to change your thoughts about your hair. If you’re feeling out of control, you could try PRP hair therapy on your hair, which will result in amazing results. Visit a hair restoration clinic for PRP therapy.

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